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Best Selection of Ceiling Pendants, Including Pendant Lighting and Contemporary Pendants

Want to give your home a new look? Sometimes, simply changing your lighting fixtures can make a lot of difference. You can have a room that has a bright and cheery ambiance or one that is subdued and romantic. The kind of lighting system you use for a room can help you achieve your desired effects. Ceiling pendant lights are among the hottest items in the market for lighting fixtures. These can go perfectly well with any kind of theme you choose for your home. Make a statement of your personal style with these fashionable light fixtures. Impress your guests as they look up to your ceiling with beautiful pendant lights.

Features of a Ceiling Pendant

Ceiling pendant lighting is similar with a chandelier. Both hang from the ceiling with the use of a chain or rod. Unlike chandeliers, however, these light fixtures usually have only a single bulb enclosed in a protective casing. The casings do not only reduce glare; they also add a unique glow to your home. Pendant lights can double as decorative pieces because of their stylish designs. Ceiling pendants serve the same purpose as chandeliers but they are less elaborate in design. If you want a decorative and functional lighting fixture like a chandelier that is not as grand, a ceiling pendant will be a good choice.

Types of Ceiling Pendants

-Mini Pendants. Are you looking for a lighting fixture that won’t overwhelm your guests? Mini pendant lights are perfect ambient lights. You can use them in the kitchen, bar and even in the living room. They are great when used as small spotlights. You can install them in the kitchen, above a small table, Kitchen Island, or bar. Consider placing a row of ceiling pendant lights along your kitchen counter or mini bar. You will achieve the same feel as a trendy café.

-Up Light Pendants and Down Light Pendants. These pendant lights are slightly bigger than mini pendants. They are ideal for those who want brighter lighting effect than that of their smaller counterparts. The up light pendants direct their light upwards so the light bounces off walls, providing a full lighting effect. Down light pendants, on the other hand, may serve as spotlights or task lights.

Buying Pendant Lights

Buying light fixtures is not always as simple as it may seem. You should consider several factors to make sure you are getting the correct fixture for a room. Where you are going to place the pendant light is one of the things you should consider. Measure the dimension of the area before you shop for ceiling pendant lights. This will help you determine the proper size of a light fixture that you should get. You should avoid using this type of light fixture if your home has a low ceiling. A pendant light will usually hang at least two feet from the ceiling. If you have a low ceiling, you will most likely just bump on the fixture every time you pass by it.

Another thing you should remember is to buy only from trusted dealers like Capitol Lighting 1800lighting.com. We offer a wide variety of light fixtures. Whether you are shopping for ceiling pendant lights, foyer lanterns or island lights, you’ll find good collections from top brands in the country. We also offer home décor, bulbs and lamps.

The Correct Size and Placement for Ceiling Lighting
One of the biggest mistakes people make is not choosing the right sized chandelier for the room. View our 5 Biggest Mistakes Video to learn the basics for proper ceiling lighting sizing.

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