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Crystal Chandeliers

Statements of Pure Elegance, featuring Schonbek
Schonbek Arlington Collection
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Crystal Chandeliers of All Styles

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Crystal chandeliers are by and large the most quintessential chandelier style, featuring dozens of light-scattering crystal prisms which create an opulent, traditional aesthetic. They're equipped with sturdy suspended features that allow them to dangle from the ceiling and feature a single or multiple tiers of elegant crystals which use natural light sources to refract light throughout a room. This is a premier ceiling light choice for those who want to create a unique, statement-making focal point in a foyer, dining room, living room, ballroom or any other space. Crystal chandelier fixtures are especially appropriate for Victorian, Italianate, French, Mediterranean and formal design styles.

At 1800Lighting, our selection of crystal chandeliers is truly unmatched, with options ranging from affordable miniature chandeliers in fun colors — perfect for the kids' room or small, formal living spaces — all the way up to grand Swarovski and American Brass and Crystal chandeliers that are dramatic enough to make a statement in a high-style ballroom or entryway. You can narrow our selection by tiers, with options featuring between one and four or more tiers, to find a style that's appropriate for your unique vision. Choose styles with elegant brass, bronze, chrome or satin finishes to match the rest of the hardware and lighting throughout your space.

We're proud to carry crystal chandeliers by the world's top crystal and light fixture makers, including Swarovski, American Brass and Crystal, Allegri, James R. Moder, Schonbek and Waterford. In many cases, these crystal statement pieces are hand-crafted using the world's top precision-grade crystals. Traditionally, our crystal chandeliers have utilized decorative incandescent light bulbs, since the bulbs are often exposed and considered as part of the chandelier's design. Now, however, with the new great looking LED bulb offerings, you no longer have to sacrifice energy efficiency for a great aesthetic.

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