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Lighting is an important element when it comes to designing any space within your home. These fixtures are not merely just for illumination; they play an important part in the decorative theme of a room. In fact, most homeowners make some of their lighting fixtures, like chandeliers, the focal point of a room. What kind of look do you want to achieve? Do you want a contemporary theme? If that’s the case, then you might want to incorporate mini pendants in the design of your home.

Mini pendants are highly versatile lighting solutions throughout the home. From blown glass styles, to mid-century modern and vintage, Capitol Lighting offers thousands of mini pendants to suit your decor.

Pendant lights usually use a single bulb enclosed in a protective casing and hung from the ceiling. You may use these fixtures as a general source of light or as supplemental lighting to create a dramatic effect in the room. There are many different types of pendant lights available on the market. What types best fit your home? Should you go for regular pendant lights or Mini Pendants?

Mini Pendants vs. Pendant Lights

Mini Pendant lights are the smaller version of regular pendant lights. It would take three to four mini pendant lights to provide the same glow as two regular pendant lights. The beauty of mini pendant lights, however, is that they offer more versatility. You may use them in large rooms or small rooms unlike regular pendants that may not be very suitable in tight or smaller areas. This type of lighting is also useful if you want uniform distribution of light around the room. It is very easy to create innovative lighting solutions with mini pendant lights considering their size. You can install them individually or in groups. You may hang them in a row just like in restaurants and trendy cafés. To conserve energy, you may use low-voltage bulbs. Shop for a variety of different styles and types of pendant lights from led pendant lights to rustic pendant lighting, to modern pendant lighting, to glass pendant lights.

How to Choose the Perfect Mini Pendant Lights

The direction of the light is an important consideration when buying mini pendant lights. Do you want the light directed upward or downward? For Picture Lighting, down light is more suitable as it creates a “spotlight” effect. Usually mini pendant lights have this spotlight effect, which makes them suitable for kitchen counters, bars, and dining areas.

If you are adding a mini pendant light fixture in a room, make sure the new light fixture blends well with the rest of the room. Does it complement your existing lighting system and match your home décor? Should you get one with a halogen bulb or an incandescent bulb? These will help you determine the kind and style of the mini pendant light that you should buy for a room.

Capitol Lighting is your ultimate destination

Capitol Lighting’s is the perfect place to shop for all your lighting needs. Aside from pendant lights, they also offer other types of light fixtures, such as wall sconces and bath vanity lighting. You will find a variety of styles that will definitely suit your preferences and go perfectly together with your home’s theme. Capitol Lighting’s also has home accents, mirrors, and even furniture.

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