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Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

Flush mount ceiling fans serve as an energy and costg efficient low ceiling air cooling and circulation solution. Also called Close to Ceiling Fans or Hugger Fans, flush mount ceiling fans are ideal for small spaces like closets, laundry rooms and bathrooms. Shop our wide array of stylish flush mount ceiling fans from top names like Minka Aire and Casablanca.

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Low Ceiling Air Solutions

Shop Flush Mount Ceiling Fans, Low Profile Fans and Hugger Ceiling Fans at Capitol Lighting's

Ceiling fans are common installation in most homes. They circulate air around and keep the house cool. Ceiling fans are popular in most homes because they do not consume floor space unlike stand fans. This lets you free up space to make room for your furniture. However, if you have a low ceiling, installing a ceiling fan can make the room crowded. If your ceiling is very low, a ceiling fan can be dangerous and can hit someone who is tall. If you need good ventilation at home but have a low ceiling, you might want to consider installing Flush Mount Ceiling Fans.

Basic Features of a Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

A Flush Mount Ceiling Fan is designed specifically for areas with low ceilings. They usually do not have rods. If there are any rods, they are small enough to be suitable for the limited space. They drop less than a foot from the ceiling which is just enough for it to circulate air without posing a risk for injury or taking too much space.

They may come in compact designs in order to fit perfectly in small areas, but this does not mean that they do not provide adequate ventilation and cooling. This type of fan provides ample airflow to cool a medium room.


It is important to install this type of ceiling fan properly to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. This type of ceiling fan often comes in self-assemble kits that you may easily install by yourself. You may read the installation manual for instructions on how to install the fan.

Safety should come first when installing a ceiling fan. Make sure you turn off the power before you proceed with the fan installation. You will also need to check the stability of the electrical box in the ceiling. If the electrical box is not firmly attached, you may need to add two additional screws to the top side.

When installing the fan blades to the support, the screws should be installed at the side where they are hidden from plain sight. This is for aesthetic and safety purposes. If you install the screws the other way around, they’ll be protruding and might injure someone. In installing the fan blades to the fan motor, make sure that the screws are properly tightened. If the blades are not properly attached to the fan motor, they may fall off while spinning which can be dangerous.

If you are uncertain about the installation process or do not have the time, it would be best hire a professional to do the job.

Flush Mounted Ceiling Fans from Capitol Lighting

If you are thinking of getting a flush mounted fan, consider Capitol Lighting’s They offer a good selection of ceiling fans, including flush mount and semi flush mounts. Aside from fans, they also offer a variety of lighting fixtures that will go well with your ceiling fans. They have indoor ceiling fans, outdoor ceiling fans, flush mount ceiling fans, energy star ceiling fans, and ceiling fan accessories.

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