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Wall accents play an important role in home decorating. They make bare walls look more interesting and a cold, sparse home into a place that is warm and vibrant. Wall accents come in different forms. They may be paintings, wall art, pictures, and even wall clocks. Complement them with picture lighting and they can be the focal point in the room. Before you get all excited and get your hands on whatever suits your taste, however, you need to have a plan. There are many decorating ideas you can come up with using these wall decorations.

You do not need to be an expert in interior design to make your home beautiful. There are certain rules to follow however, when buying decorations for the home.

What to Do before Buying Wall Accents

Take a good look around your home. You should already have an idea where to place a painting, picture or wall art, even before you buy one. You can group small pieces of wall décor in one part of the wall and make them the focal point of the room.

Another important consideration is the theme. The colors of your wall décor do not have to match your home décor and furniture. Still, your wall decorations should blend well with the room’s overall theme. Wall accents for modern homes are different from the accents in traditional homes. You want to give your home a consistent look.

The Different Types of Wall Décor


Mirrors are essential in home decorating. They are both practical and stylish. They make small rooms appear larger and add class into any room.


These may be family photographs or snapshot collages. Be careful though when displaying pictures. Do not overcrowd the room with too much personal memorabilia. You can just replace them from time to time.

Wall Art and Paintings

You do not need to spend thousands of dollars for paintings and wall art. There are artists who make exquisite art pieces at reasonable prices. You will also find many shops that sell wall art and paintings that fit your budget.

You can think of other kinds of wall accents to decorate the room. These days, you can even use architectural elements, such as doorknobs, corbels, and porch pieces as wall décor.

How to Choose the Best Wall Accents

Choose wall décor that expresses your personality. While you can get inspiration from magazines and books or ask tips from experts, you need to have your own style. Remember that your home is your sanctuary. When you simply copy ideas from others, you may not be very comfortable in your own home.

Personalize Your Space with Home and Wall Décor from Capitol Lighting

You will enjoy choosing from the many unique paintings, wall art and other forms of wall décor from Capitol Lighting. You do not have to be an artist to express your creativity. You can freely express yourself with the furnishing and décor you choose for your home. Decorating however, does not only involve choosing furniture and wall accents. You need lighting fixtures too and you can get them from Capitol Lighting 1800lighting.com. Add ceiling lights and wall swing lamps so people can see your home décor better. Choose from different types of bulbs, including novelty bulbs and fluorescent bulbs that will provide the best lighting for your home.

Too many bare walls in your home? Looking for something to really make your wall home décor pop? At Capitol Lighting, we have a fabulous selection of wall home décor, artwork and accessories for living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. From alternative wall art and paintings to prints and clocks, we have a wonderful assortment of home décor suitable for a wide variety of living rooms and styles. We are sure you'll find inspiration in our carefully selected collection of well crafted wall home décor and artwork. To create a home with style and finesse, it is essential to adorn your walls with accents and accessories that pull together all the different elements of your home's interior design. For the modern home, we have sleek, clean designs that will complement your minimalist style. Traditionalists are sure to find an excellent selection of home décor artwork, paintings and prints that will please both the smartness of their homes as well as their pocketbooks. A skillfully designed home can only benefit from the inclusion of thoughtfully selected wall accessories that accentuate the décor of your home. From paintings that echo the colors of your sofa to alternative art that provides a stark contrast to the subtlety of your home's décor, wall accents can play strong roles in defining the theme of your home's decorating scheme. Our professional and friendly staff is always happy to assist you in determining the home decor and accessories that will work best in your living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

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