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Living Room Lighting and Accent Furniture

Living Room - Lighting Ideas and Decor by Capitol Lighting

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Follow our lighting ideas for the living room and transform your living room with the right mix of lighting. The combination of ambient lighting fixtures with task and accent lights achieves a beautiful and functional lighting scheme that will meet all of your living room lighting needs. A classic selection for ambient lighting is the chandelier. Not only does a chandelier serve as a good source of general background illumination, but it also lends beauty and grandeur to your living space. When you choose a chandelier as your living room's main source of light, add table and floor lamps to provide direct and task lighting. Unobtrusive and elusive, recessed lighting is often overlooked as a good source of living room lighting. Recessed lighting in the living room can effectively and efficiently deliver a variety of lighting functions, while being easily integrated into your home's d├ęcor. The warm glow of recessed lighting offers both general and task lighting in the living room. Recessed can lighting in the living room provides a focused, downward facing beam that is perfect to highlight key areas of the room. Other lighting ideas for the living room include the use of track lighting and wall sconces to draw attention to special art objects or pieces of furniture. Dimmer switches on your living room lighting fixtures will enable you to control the ambience of the room, offering some general lighting benefits to supplement the functional ones. For more innovative lighting ideas for the living room, visit a Capitol Lighting showroom. Our professional lighting consultants are always ready to help customers find the perfect lighting fixtures for their homes.