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Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Outdoor Ceiling Lights are perfect for illuminating your closed-in porch, deck, gazebo, or patio space. We carry a great selection of different styles and designs from Modern to Traditional. Brighten up your outdoor space by installing an outdoor ceiling light.

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Outdoor Ceiling Lights and Outdoor Chandeliers of All Styles

Shop Outdoor Ceiling Lights and Outdoor Chandeliers of All Sizes at Capitol Lighting's

Introduction to Outdoor Ceiling Lights

When it comes to outdoor ceiling lights, there is no better place to turn to than Capitol Lighting. A Capitol Lighting outdoor ceiling light will bring style, class – and great lighting! - to any outdoor area of your home. Outdoor ceiling lighting can serve a decorative purpose and add to the aesthetics of any space. Outdoor ceiling lighting is also great for businesses and hotels that have an outdoor overhang. It is important that these areas are well lit for the amount of traffic they receive. In residences outdoor ceiling lighting is most often used in the backyard on a closed porch, closed deck, enclosed patio space and gazebos where you can wire the light on the ceiling as you would if it were indoors. Many homeowners are also choosing to use them in the front porch so they can see better to open the door upon returning home. Outdoor ceiling lighting is also used to light up driveway overhangs and covered walkways.

Different Types and Applications of Outdoor Ceiling Lights

When you think of what passes for outdoor ceiling lighting it’s all right to picture an indoor light. They both may look similar and serve similar purposes except outdoor ceiling lighting is built with the outdoors in mind; it should stand up well to wind, water and the elements. An outdoor ceiling light can certainly be used indoors but an indoor ceiling light should never be used outdoors.

Outdoor ceiling lighting comes in a variety of styles and designs. Some outdoor ceiling lighting fixtures for home and businesses are attached directly to the ceiling (in ceiling lighting) while others come in more of a lantern or candelabra form and hang. Sometimes outdoor ceiling lighting is offered as a part of an outdoor ceiling fan (a fan with a light kit).

Design and Installation of Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Outdoor ceiling lighting is a common, easy installation in most homes. It is important to install the correct type of outdoor ceiling light properly to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. Outdoor ceiling lighting often comes in self-assemble kits that you may easily install by yourself (but certainly read the installation manual before you start).

With the right ceiling height outdoor home ceiling lighting is a great idea to add to any outside space. But if you have a low ceiling installing an outdoor ceiling light can be dangerous to passersby and should not be installed. If your looking for ventilation consider installing an outdoor ceiling fan with a light kit. This provides better airflow and lights up your space.

Personal safety should come first when installing an outdoor ceiling light. Make sure you turn off the power before you start, just like you would with installing any other lighting fixture. You will also need to check the stability of the electrical box in the ceiling. If you are uncertain about any of the installation process or do not have the time, plan to hire a professional to do the job. Most installations can be done within an hour and a professional will check to make sure everything is properly installed.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Ceiling Lights

It’s always nice to arrive home to a beautiful, well-lit outdoor area. Visit Capitol Lighting online at or at a nearby showroom to view top-quality, stylish, functional and affordable outdoor ceiling lighting fixtures and accessories. We have several styles and colors including red ceiling lighting, black ceiling lighting, open ceiling lighting, in ceiling lighting and ceiling lighting LED to choose from. We also have plenty of energy efficient LED outdoor lighting essentials including pathway lights, deck lights, landscape transformers, outdoor spot lights, outdoor flood lights, landscape specialty lights, bollards, pond and fountain lights and more landscape accessories.

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