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Security Lighting

Security Lighting is the ideal solution when it comes to providing security and comfort to the exterior of your home or business.  Make your guests feel welcomed and secure in a practical manner by choosing the proper exterior lighting. Shop Security Lighting available, with several bulb types from LED to Incandescent, from top name brands.

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Security Lighting and Outdoor Security Lighting of All Styles

Shop Security Lighting and Outdoor Security Lighting of All Sizes at Capitol Lighting's

Security Lighting is a purposeful, ideal solution for welcoming your family and guests to your home in a safe and practical manner. Mark your entrances and lead the way up the drive way with Security Lighting, available from all the top name brands.

Security Lighting is a popular choice among many homeowners because of the many advantages to installing of security lighting compared to having none. Security lighting fixtures are very versatile and you may actually use them for any part of the exterior of a home or business. Add a level of security to your property. Security lighting is supposed to go relatively unnoticed and blend in to your home’s outdoor décor, but the fixtures can even create an incredibly aesthetically pleasing look and add to the décor of your landscaping, as many of these fixtures are very beautiful to the eye. Whether hidden or adding to the outdoor décor, these lights are purposeful, for lighting up walkways, entrances, backyards and much more.

Different Types and Applications of Security Lighting<

Security lighting is meant for purposes such as lighting up any darkened part of a walkway, front steps, driveway, backyard, or even a patio. One very important factor about exterior security lighting besides how well it lights a home is that it serves a very critical safety purpose. As you and your family enter your home in the twilight and evening hours, you will be able to see where you are walking clearly, avoiding any slips and falls. Security lighting can also help emergency personnel when it comes to locating your home and entranceways. And finally, Security lighting serves as a deterrent for any thief in the night.

Security lighting is available with motion sensored equipment and timers. You can set Security lighting to a timer so that it turns on at specific times of the day or night, and turns off at specific times as well. Motion sensored security lighting is good for detecting any heat-sensored motion near your premises and will turn on as needed; this is a great deterrent for burglars and animals. Outdoor security lighting is available in both down lighting or up lighting. Security lights are also available with LED energy smart, incandescent or halogen bulb types.

Design and Installation of Security Lighting

You do not need a roof, ceiling or a wall to install these lighting fixtures. Security lighting is often installed in locations such as trees, outside garages, or set upon the ground. With the wiring hidden underneath the ground you can keep your yard neat. Security lighting is also available in solar powered form, in which case it would not require any wiring.

How to Choose the Best Security Lighting

Capitol Lighting makes shopping for security lighting fixtures easy. Our amazing team of experts will assist you until you are happy with your purchase. For top quality, stylish, functional and affordable outdoor security lighting fixtures and accessories, visit Capitol Lighting Choose from the following outdoor security lighting essentials: Dark Sky Compliant lighting (LINK), Motion Sensor lighting (LINK), and LED Security Lighting, as well as other LED Outdoor Lighting essentials such as flood lights, pathway lights, spot lights, and other LED outdoor security lighting.

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