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Wall Swing Lamps

Sometimes a night table lamp simply isn't sufficient for reading. Wall swing lights feature adjustable arms enabling directional spotlight illumination and making them one of a kind design statements and lighting solutions. Many wall swing lamps can also be dimmed at the fixture, adding even more convenience to an already superb design.

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Swing Arm Wall Lights, From Bedroom Lamps to Swing Lamps

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Swing arm wall lamps are an efficient and affordable way to enhance your home while saving on costs by being energy efficient. Brighten your home and conserve energy by installing Swing arm wall lamps, available from top name brands.

Introduction to Swing arm wall lamps

iCapitol Lighting has amassed a great selection styles and types of Wall Lighting, and this includes the growingly popular Swing Arm Wall Lamp. iAlthough used mainly for task lighting for reading, writing or projects, you can also use wall swing lamps for general lighting. In your bedroom you would use a Swing Arm Wall Lamp beside a chair or beside the bed in place of a reading lamp. This will help you save space compared to having a lamp that will require a table. In a reading room, library or office, you would use a Swing Arm Wall Lamp beside a desk or a chair in the room to help add task lighting to reading or writing or computer use. If you were thinking you needed task lighting in a tv or living room, you can add them to the walls so that you can rotate the arm to the position which gives you optimum lighting. Swing Arm Wall Lamps fit wonderfully over a reading chair in a child’s bedroom. Now with their various styles, shapes and sizes, homeowners have found endless uses for Swing Arm Wall Lamps. You can now find Swing Arm Wall Lamps in dining rooms, living rooms, bathrooms and even used outdoors to add task lighting on an enclosed deck or porch space and provide a point of interest in the room.

Different Types and Applications of Swing arm wall lamps

Capitol Lighting carries so many different types of Wall Lights and Wall Sconces, including Modern Wall Sconces, Traditional Wall Sconces, Transitional Wall Sconces, Crystal Wall Sconces, Satin Nickel Wall Sconces, Bronze Wall Sconces, Chrome Wall Sconces, Black Wall Sconces, Switch Included Wall Sconces and Energy Star Wall Sconces.

Capitol Lighting has managed to combine both beauty and great function in their manufacturing of an array of lighting fixtures, including their range of Swing Arm Wall Lamps. Swing Arm Wall Lamps have helped make many homes more functional and appealing. They make great accent lighting, but can also function as general lighting, and you can light up a small space using a Swing Arm Wall Lamp.

Swing Arm Wall Lamp are a very popular product because of their design; They have the head of a table lamp, and are structured on a rotating arm, and this attribute is ideal so that one can direct light in a variety of distances and even angles, as some have a rotating tilt.

You can find Swing Arm Wall Lamps in various shapes, colors, materials, and sizes. Wall swing lamps come in a variety of styles, like Restoration-Vintage, Traditional and Modern Contemporary. Capitol Lighting sells Swing Arm Wall Lamps in varying finishes including chrome, satin nickel and steel, oil rubbed bronze, brass tones, bronze tones and gold tones.

Design and Installation of Swing arm wall lamps

When installing a Swing Arm Wall Lamp is it is important to install correctly. As their name suggests, Swing arm wall lamps should be properly installed on a wall. When placed strategically, Swing arm wall lamps can provide a great efficiency to the room and swing in the direction you need the lighting to go. Make sure there is room enough for the Swing Arm Wall Lamp arm to swing. Also, please remember that you are using electricity so if you have any concerns about installing the fixture yourself, you can hire a professional to help.

How to Choose the Best Swing arm wall lamps

When it comes to adding the best Swing Arm Wall Lamps to your walls at home, you can go to Capitol Lighting stores or visit online. Capitol Lighting is the #1 Authorized Reseller for all Swing arm wall lamps. Come on in to any of our Capitol Lighting stores and speak with our expert professionals!

Every part of the home needs a good light, and that includes your bedroom. A bedroom with proper lighting will be more comfortable, and helps you relax, especially when you’re dog-tired from work. There are days when you just want to stay in bed and read a good book. If you enjoy reading in bed, wall swing lamps may just be the perfect lighting for you.

Benefits of Wall Swing Lamps

Wall lighting such as swing arm lamps do not take space in the room. You can attach them to any wall. There is no danger of knocking it off the table and you do not need to free up floor space. They are perfect in small rooms and in contemporary homes that follow a minimalistic concept. Overhead lights do not take much space too but they may not be the most suitable choice for reading. Overhead lights can be harsh and are not as inviting as the warm light from lamps.

Swing arm lamps are versatile. You can reposition it in any direction. These lamps help you save money on furniture and accessories. You will not need to find matching tables for the lamps. You can choose to place them on each side of the bed or beside your favorite armchair. Wall swing lamps are easy to mount and their designs can go well with any type of home décor.

How to Choose the Best Wall Swing Lamps

What immediately catches the attention of most people is the style of the lamp. How well does it suit your bedroom? This is usually the first question you will ask yourself as you shop for a wall swing lamp. It should perfectly match your room décor.

Wall swing lamps are available in different styles. You have the contemporary lamps with their clean, straight angles and the unique antique designs with different shades of linen and glass.

Choose also what type of bulb you want to use for the swing arm lamp. Find out the best bulbs for task lighting. Remember that you do not want it too bright as it can also hurt your eyes.


You can install the lamp yourself or hire an electrician to do it for you. It may be best to let professionals handle this job. They can install it seamlessly so the cord doesn’t become an eye sore.

Proper placement is also important when installing your wall swing lamp. When deciding on the height of where to place the lamp, consider the height of the mattress and the person using the lamp. Have someone hold the fixture at different heights while you jump in bed to measure the ideal height.

Get the Best Wall Swing Lamps from Capitol Lighting

Do you need bulbs, lighting fixtures, and home accents? Getting quality light is easy if you know where to look. The web is one of the best places to start your search. Visit Capitol Lighting They have a wide variety of lighting fixtures that you probably will have a hard time finding in physical stores. You can shop for recessed lighting, wall lights, office lighting, and more.

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