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Chandeliers are at the same time statement pieces and functional pieces of art. Brighten your dining room, living room or entryway any of our thousands of chandeliers. Perfect above a dining room table or suspended in an entryway, chandeliers make a beautiful centerpiece.

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Chandeliers date back to the 16th century. They symbolize class and wealth. In the past, these light fixtures are more decorative rather than functional. Most often than not, you’ll find them in large foyers, dining rooms, ballrooms, and high-class hotels. Majority of the people in the upper classes of the society were the only ones who can afford to have these fixtures in their homes. Fortunately, times have changed. Nowadays, you’ll find affordable yet elegant chandeliers made by top manufacturers on the market. Many people can now afford to have one in their homes.

Are you shopping for chandeliers? You can choose from a wide variety of styles and designs.

Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandelier is one of the most popular types of chandelier. Its charm remains superior compared to other types of light fixtures. This is great for traditional and contemporary homes. The brilliance of the traditional crystals gives your home a timeless beauty. Clean cuts and large crystals combined with chrome on the other hand, makes a home look chic and stylish. Swarovski crystal is still considered the best. If you are looking for more affordable options, however, there are those made from ordinary glass. These are as glamorous and trendy as their crystal equivalent but are less expensive.

Contemporary Chandelier

The cutting-edge technology used to make contemporary chandeliers differentiates them from other types of ceiling lighting. Manufacturers use fashionable and bold designs to create a sophisticated look suitable for modern homes. If you want the edginess of Art Deco, ultra-modern design, or something in between classic and modern, this is for you.

Rustic Chandelier

Aside from glass and crystals, manufacturers also used other types of materials for chandeliers. Common materials used are wood, shells, and stones. This light fixture creates a warm and cozy ambiance. You often find these light fixtures in mountain cabins, country farmhouses, and beachfront cottages.

Chandeliers are perfect for homes with high ceilings. You can place them in your bedroom to make you feel like you are in a royal suite. They are also great in dining rooms, hallways, kitchen, and even in your walk-in closet. You just need to make sure the size of the chandelier is proportionate to the size of the room. In your bedroom, you can install just one big fixture in the middle of the room or have several smaller ones placed strategically in the room. Proper placement is important when installing a chandelier. For example, the size and height of the dining table will help you determine the size of the light fixture you need to get.

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