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Sometimes the Right Light is Right Beside You
E.F. Chapman Fluted Spire Lamp

Lamps from Table Lamps to Floor Lamps, Tiffany Lamps and More

From Tiffany Lamps and Bedroom Lamps to the Best Floor Lamps, We Have the Lamp that is Sure to Fit Your Needs

Portable table and floor lamps are a necessary addition to any home. They are not only great accent pieces. Decorative floor lamps and table lamps provide that extra light you need to get things done easily and comfortably.

Shopping for lamps? Here are some tips you may follow to find the perfect lamps for your home.

A Table Lamp is a Perfect Task Light

Decorative table lamps are often placed in the living room to provide additional sources of light when entertaining guests or performing activities like reading and writing. With controlled pools of light, table and floor lamps offer great task light when properly directed and shielded.

To check if a table light fixture is the correct one for you, sit beside it. The bottom part of the shade should be at eye-level. If you are going to place a lamp between seating areas, make sure to choose lamps with transparent or thin bases, so as not to obstruct vision and allow for free flowing conversation.

Aside from providing an additional source of light, a table lamp such as a beautiful Tiffany lamp may be the highlight of your room. Show off your personal style and add elegance to a room by having a table light fixture that complements a room’s overall design.

Stay Focused with a Desk Lamp

Working late at night? Is the general source of light in your home office or study area insufficient? Finish your tasks without straining your eyes. If you need better lighting for specific activities like reading, hobby work and/or writing, you may want to consider buying a desk lamp.

One of the best things about a desk lamp is that you can easily change its angle so you may vary the illumination according to task. When positioning the lamp, avoid directing it at the computer screen to prevent glare. One that comes with a desk clamp or has a weighted base is perfect, especially if you are going to place it on a child’s study table. This way, you are reducing the chances of your kid accidentally pushing it off the desk.

Pair Up your Recliner with a Beautiful Reading Lamp

Do you love reading on the couch or in the living room and find it difficult reading with just your table lamp or ceiling lighting? Take control of your light with a reading lamp. This type of floor lamp offers adjustable lighting so you can have proper illumination and comfortable reading light.

Stylish Lamps at Capitol Lighting 1800lighting.com

Finding the perfect lamp for a specific area in your home is easy if you have knowledgeable professionals to help you. Check out Capitol Lighting 1800lighting.com’s wide range of products, and our friendly staff will help you choose the one that matches your taste and suits your needs. We have table lamps, floor lamps, arc lamps, wall swing lamps, desk lamps, torchiere lamps, piano lamps and more.