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Light Bulbs
From Standard Incandescents to Halogen, Xenon and Next Generation LEDs

Light Bulbs of All Styles

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Light Bulbs come in a variety of designs, styles and efficiencies in order to fit your lighting fixtures properly and illuminate your space. Brighten your home with the proper lighting, beginning with Light Bulbs, available from top name brands.

Introduction to Light Bulbs

There are so many items in our home that we may take for granted every day, but in truth they are amazing inventions that help us live and work and play in a very important way. Light bulbs are glass spheres containing a filament that produces light when an electric current is passed through it. This current is turned on when you flick the light switch to the ‘on’ position. Light bulbs convert electricity into light and heat.

Light bulbs are in used in every home in America, some with a dozen or more depending on how large the home is. Light Bulbs are used in offices and businesses and everywhere else you can imagine- In addition to lighting a dark space, they can be used to show an electric device is turned on, to direct traffic, for heat, and many other purposes. Just think of the all the places you’ve been after dusk and all the items you have still been able to see because they are lit up!

At Capitol Lighting, we understand the importance for our customers to be able to have the best Light Bulbs available on the market to them because of the important role they play in our daily lives. You may not think of how much you need the light to be working and working well in your home until you burn out a light bulb and are left in the dark! We understand our customers want quality Light Bulbs that are lasting and friendly on the environment as well as their wallet.

Different Types and Applications of Light Bulbs

There are many different types of light bulbs, these include: LED Light Bulbs, Halogen Light Bulbs, Incandescent Light Bulbs, CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights) Light Bulbs, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Vintage Light Bulbs, and Novelty Light Bulbs, and Xenon Light Bulbs.Other items related to light bulbs include Parabolic Reflectors and Reflector Bulbs. Light Bulbs available with a dimmable component include Black Light Bulbs, Dimming Light Bulbs, Dimmable LEDs, Dimmable CFLs, Dimmable Halogen Bulbs, and Dimmable Incandescent.

Fluorescent lights, Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) and Gas Discharge Lamps are now replacing the old and outdated. Incandescent light bulbs are the most common light bulb in the house until just a few years ago when LED lights have begun to be used for low-power places and all over homes across America. One important factor involving Light Bulbs is that they are available in a variety of wattages. You would use different wattages for different types and placements of your lighting source.

Light Bulbs can range in price from the low scale starting around $10 to more significant $30-50 specialty bulbs. Some light bulbs are available in packs while others are sold individually. It is important to note that some light bulbs are versatile and can fit a majority of light sources, while others are very specific to the type and company of lighting designer. Note this when you are making your selection of Light Bulbs or ask for assistance to check on this.

Design and Installation of Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs all run on electric light – or electricity. This happens when you connect your light source (such as a lamp) by cord to an electric outlet where the power can be delivered. Light bulbs typically must be screwed in to the lighting fixture and then the fixture must be plugged in. When you install light bulbs, you must make sure that the power sources are properly connected – which sometimes can be dangerous, so if you are hesitant, hire a professional electrician or at the very least, ask a friend to help read you the proper directions as you work and assist as a safety buddy.

Also be sure that if your lighting source is attached with an electric cord that the cord is within distance of a power outlet, and that there are no hazards to you or any small children by plugging it into the outlet (you may want to cover the cord for safety or vanity reasons).

How to Choose the Best Light Bulbs

You do not need to go far in your search for the best Light Bulbs. You can find exactly what Light Bulbs you are looking for at a Capitol Lighting showroom, and if there is not a showroom near you, where you can speak with our dedicated and eager to assist professionals or visit Capitol Lighting online at Be it Light Bulbs, or any of the types of indoor or outdoor lighting or lighting accessories that you will use your Light Bulbs with, products sold by Capitol Lighting are from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry which means quality and durability for the Light Bulbs and all that you purchase. Find the perfect Light Bulbs to meet your lighting needs at Capitol Lighting.

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