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Wall lighting is a popular choice among many homeowners because of their many advantages. They are versatile types of fixtures that you can use in any part of the home for different purposes. Some wall lights, on the other hand, have specific functions. Take picture lighting, for instance. These are lights used to highlight pictures, paintings, or wall accents in the room. Are there paintings or pictures hanging unnoticed in your living room? Bring life to them with proper picture lighting.

What are Picture Lights?

Picture lights focus the attention of people to an object or area of a room. These are fixtures attached above the object, designed to provide direct illumination but without blocking the object you want to highlight. You do not need to free up wall space just to provide proper lighting as in the case of wall sconces and other wall lighting fixtures.

Picture lights are not new in the lighting industry. You have seen them many times in art galleries and museums. Today, however, many people have started using them in their homes too.

How to Choose the Best Picture Lighting

The picture or painting will lose its appeal if you use the wrong kind of light. Choose picture lights according to the theme of the picture or painting you wish to illuminate. If the picture is calm and subtle, then the fixture must also be simple but chic. An elaborate fixture will only draw people’s attention to the lighting fixture instead of the object it is supposed to highlight.

The size of the picture is also an important consideration. Most experts agree that the picture light must be half the size of the picture or painting. Too much light will make the picture look flat and dull. Over time, it may also cause fading. You need just the right size that will be able to cast light in an artistic way.

Where and How to Place Picture Lights

One problem you will probably encounter when placing picture lights is the picture or painting’s glass covering. The glass covering might reflect light and distract viewers from appreciating the beauty of the object. You need to position the picture light in such a way that it minimizes glare. Another way to reduce glare is to tilt the picture slightly to the floor.

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As one of the preeminent lighting designers of the day, Sergio Orozco strongly believes that lighting is the most powerful element in interior design. View our video and learn how a little lighting change can make a big difference.

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