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Wall Sconces of All Styles

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Wall Sconces provide a soft glow, essential to adding functionality to any wall in your home. Illuminate your mirrors and wall space and make your home more functional by installing Wall Sconces, available from top name brands.

Introduction to Wall Sconces

One of the first impressions your guests will have of your home is what’s on your walls! Your walls can give great insight to how you as a homeowner treat your home. One way to upgrade a wall if you do not have the means to do a total wall makeover is to upgrade your wall lighting and sconces are perfect! Wall Sconces are one such type of Wall Lighting fixture that can completely change the look and feel of your wall as well at the way you use the room! And it will make a lasting impression with guests as well. Wall Sconce fixtures should enhance the beauty of your home to make the most of your home’s potential. There is no better place to turn in your search for Wall Sconces than Capitol Lighting.

Different Types and Applications of Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are more than just lighting; they can be great pieces of artwork. A Wall Sconce is a very popular wall lighting fixture to add to a wall amongst all the other choices. Wall sconces remind many of castles and medieval dwellings, where they were first used to hold candles and torches. Wall Sconces can sometimes have that old-fashioned look reminiscent of the past, but if you find this too traditional for your taste, you can go with the many choices of more modern styles. You can find Wall Sconces in a variety of shapes, colors, materials, and sizes.

Wall Sconces provide a soft glow. Wall Sconces typically direct light upwards and they do not have a base on the ground. When placed strategically, Wall Sconces can provide a dramatic effect to the room. Most people use these as accent lighting within the wall, around the mirrors, but you may place them in the center of any walls or use Wall Sconces as doorframes. If you have paintings or artworks hanging on your wall, you can use Wall Sconces to draw peoples’ attention.

Contemporary or Modern Wall Sconces feature clean and straight lines to match the minimalistic look of most modern homes. Restoration-Vintage, old-fashioned Wall Sconces are timeless elegance brought back for a renaissance with these vintage looking wall sconces. Wall Sconces are suitable in traditional homes or areas with a shabby chic look. Transitional Wall Sconces are similar to contemporary modern in that the wall style is sleek.

Wall lighting is lighting you would see typically of use in a wall. Functional and stylish wall lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, in an array of finishes and styles. Capitol Lighting carries so many different types of Wall Lights and Wall Sconces, including Modern Wall Sconces, Traditional Wall Sconces, Transitional Wall Sconces, Crystal Wall Sconces, Satin Nickel Wall Sconces, Bronze Wall Sconces, Chrome Wall Sconces, Black Wall Sconces, Switch Included Wall Sconces and Energy Star Wall Sconces.

Wall Sconces can also be used for private walk in closet walls and corridors and provide specific lighting for those type of room. Now with their various styles, shapes and sizes, homeowners have found other uses for Wall Sconces and utilize them in groups to light a room, rather than singularly.

Design and Installation of Wall Sconces

When it comes to the style, choose a Wall Sconce that best fits the theme of your home so that the lighting fixture will look right in place. Focus on design elements with your purchase but also choose the size in accordance to the size of the room and the height of the ceiling. It is advisable to mount wall sconces 60 to 66 inches from the ground.

How to Choose the Best Wall Sconces

When it comes to furnishing your home, it’s the little details like Wall Sconces that make all the difference. Visit Capitol Lighting, the #1 Authorized Reseller for all Wall Sconces. With help from Capitol Lighting design experts, you can be sure your experience purchasing your Wall Sconce products will be successful and satisfying. So whether you are buying Wall Sconces for picture lighting in the wall, for hall or closet lighting, or for bath vanity lighting, Capitol Lighting is the best place to start your search. Whatever the room, whatever the style, whatever the budget - Capitol Lighting's has it all.

These days, manufacturers of lighting fixtures have combined both beauty and function in their products. This helps many people make homes more appealing. Take wall sconces for instance. Wall sconces make great accent lighting but may also function as general lighting without being obtrusive. The subtlety of these lighting fixtures is one of the features that make them attractive.

Sconces Then and Now

Wall sconces have been in existence long before people discovered bulbs and electricity. They remind you of castles and old dwellings where they were used to hold candles and torches. They generally direct light upwards and they do not have a base on the ground.

Today’s sconces, on the other hand, use electricity instead of candles. Although you will still find sconces that have that old-fashioned look reminiscent of the past, now you have a lot more options. You can find sconces in various shapes, colors, materials, and sizes.

Styles Available

Contemporary or Modern

These lighting fixtures feature clean and straight lines to match the minimalistic look of most modern homes. Many modern sconces you see have chrome finishes and glass, but you will also find them in various colors.

Rustic or Lodge

The old-fashioned but timeless elegance of these sconces are suitable in traditional homes or areas with rustic settings. You will usually find them in cabins and lodges but may also work well in homes with a rustic theme.

Craftsman or Mission

These sconces give importance to handmade crafts instead of using factory-produced items. Manufacturers use natural materials, such as copper and wood for this style. These types of sconces are ideal if you want to provide a warm feel in a particular room.

Where to Place Sconces

In the past, people mainly use them to light up hallways and corridors. Now with their various styles, shapes and sizes, homeowners have found other uses for them. You can now find them in dining rooms, living rooms, bathrooms and even used outdoors to illuminate the space and provide a point of interest in the room.

You can also use sconces for task lighting. In your bedroom for instance, you can place it beside a chair or beside the bed as reading lamp. This will help you save space compared to having a lamp that will require a table.

In bathrooms, you can place sconces on both sides of your mirrors so you will have illumination as you apply make-up, or perform other personal care tasks.

Where to Find Wall Sconces

Whether you are buying sconces for picture lighting or for bath vanity lighting, Capitol Lighting is one of the best places to start your search. We have all types of wall lights. If you are overwhelmed with the number of options available, you can always ask help from our team of experts.

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