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Bulbrite Light Bulbs – LEDs to CFLs to Halogens and Everything in Between

Shop Bulbrite Light Bulbs – from LEDs to CFLs to Halogens and Everything in Between – at Capitol Lighting’s

There is more than one way to light your home. In fact, you’ll find different types of lighting fixtures and bulbs on the market. Some homemakers choose the bulbs and fixtures according to the function they will perform in a room. For instance, most would choose bright fluorescent bulbs or LEDs for task lighting, while others prefer incandescent bulbs for their accent lights. There are also those who choose bulbs according to the type of lighting system they have. For outdoor wall lighting with a classic design, some uses incandescent bulbs. For flood lights, others would choose halogen bulbs. Whatever your lighting needs and preferences are, Bulbrite has the bulb for you.


Bulbrite is a top manufacturer and supplier of energy-efficient bulbs. For over four decades, this family-owned business has become popular for its commitment to excellent customer service, and innovation. Some of their products, such as the Bulbrite Swyth LED desk Lamp, have received recognitions and awards from different organizations.

Apart from selling lighting products, Bulbrite offers seminars and trainings for lighting professionals. The company hopes to keep these experts up to date with the latest technology used in the industry. The company is a member of different organizations, such as the American Lighting Association, LUMEN Coalition, and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.


Focused on form and function, Bulbrite offers innovative light bulbs to the market. With a state-of-art in-house laboratory, the company provides unique products you won’t find anywhere else. Their exclusive line of bulbs ensures customers of unparalleled quality and style.

To help consumers find the perfect light bulb, the company offers products with different bulb color temperature, voltage ranges, shapes, and wattage.

Product Line

The company offers a huge collection of lamp and light bulb options, including Compact Fluorescents, Halogens, LEDs, and HIDs. Bulbrite also has a wide selection of specialty lamps. You’ll also find some novelty bulbs, which are perfect for your artistic lighting needs.

With over a thousand light bulbs to choose from at, you won’t have a difficult time finding the perfect Bulbrite product for different areas of your home. In addition to light bulbs, the company also offers a good collection of desk lamps. Most of these desk lamps have a swivel feature or movable heads. You can set the lamp at different angles, depending on your lighting needs. Suggestions

For better lighting control, recommends Bulbrite Spiral Warm White Dimmable Compact Fluorescent. This is a popular Bulbrite products sold on the website – and for good reasons. You can use this bulb for any décor or lighting fixture. As it is dimmable, you’ll always have the perfect amount of light you need for your task.

Lighting your home isn’t difficult. Visit and let experts help you choose the right kind of bulbs and lighting fixtures.