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Crystal Chandeliers by Crystorama--Exquisite Crystorama Light Fixtures at

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These crystal chandeliers are pieces from the Mirabella Collection by Crystorama. The Mirabella Collection features ornate cast brass chandeliers, trimmed with hand-cut crystal, Swarovski spectra, or Swarovski Strauss. The Swarovski Strauss is also available in three different colors, clear, Silverado shade, which is a silver Strauss color, and Golden Tea, which is more of an amber, smoky color. The quiet sophistication of each of these Crystorama light fixtures speaks to the impeccable craftsmanship required to achieve the perfection for which Crystorama is renowned. Many of the crystal chandeliers in the Mirabella Collection feature exquisite Swarovski Austrian crystal. Whether you are seeking crystal chandeliers for your dining room or main entryway, you are sure to find a piece in the Mirabella Collection by Crystorama that will best reflect your home's aesthetic. The Swarovski crystal featured in many of the pieces attests to the superior quality of each Crystorama light fixture. These classic Crystorama light fixtures embody sophisticated elegance and are sure to add a touch of glamour to any lighting design. Capitol Lighting carries a full selection of crystal chandeliers by Crystorama. Visit one of our showrooms or browse our website to find the perfect Crystorama light fixture for your home's lighting design.
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