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Crystorama Dorian Web Interview (

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This collection is one that is based on my signature collection of Venetian glass chandeliers, which were inspired by a trip to Italy. All the glasswork on the chandeliers is reminiscent of colors that I saw in Venice that first trip there. These colors and the glasswork is kind of offset by the more streamlined pieces and lines of the metalwork itself. The forearm chandelier is one of my favorites and it’s a great piece to put over nightstands or powder rooms. The larger six arm chandelier has wonderful little droplets on them that have prisms that catch the light, and also draw attention to the clusters themselves. The ceiling mount in particular really shows the beauty of glass, you can see in the leaves, the kind of motion and the various colors that are used in there. The little strawberries add kind of an accent to the ceiling mount itself and help move your eye around the piece. All the pieces together form a modern take on the seventies and detailing and jewelry elements. I do think that lighting is one of the most important elements of any environment.
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