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Schonbek Lighting - Capitol Lighting Lighten Up! Series

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Today we'll share with you our experience and expertise in designing and executing the lighting design for your home and for your world. When you think of lighting the first picture that probably pops into your head is a chandelier. In your mind's eye that chandelier is most likely a crystal chandelier. Crystal chandeliers have a very classic and traditional presence in lighting throughout the world andndash; from your average home on main street USA to the palatial estates of old world Europe, Russia and even the White House. There is no more historically significant crystal lighting manufacturer than Schonbek. This is the Sterling chandelier. It is a perfect and beautiful example of a classic traditional crystal chandelier that is very evident at every single point on this particular chandelier. Each teardrop, pendalogue and octagon is multifaceted, the crystal bobandegrave;she, the candle cups have small little cuts, very fine detail, and all throughout the central column the cuts, again, just exemplify perfect crystal craftsmanship. And the beautiful part of a crystal chandelier, especially from Schonbek, the light is going to pass through, reflect off the chandelier, and paint the entire room in beautiful colors. From an all glass and crystal traditional design, Schonbek continues to update its classic designs for 21st century style. What makes this seemly traditional chandelier design updated for the 21st century? Well, it's the richly finished metal aspects of the frame combines steal with that glass crystal column and the crystal pendalogues and the octagons. Now, if this fixtures looks like it's been drenched in gold, that's because it has. The crystals, which are Swarovski Strass grade, have been finished with a golden teak treatment. Now this teak treatment is an updated version that when it's switched on the crystal doesn't just shimmer, it looks like it's been set on fire and it bathe the entire room in gold. Really quite a dazzling affect, that's become favorite for a lot of interior designers around the country. If we get inside here on a lot of these finishes you will notice that these finishes have been hand painted, settle veining features that you can see here in this fixture which is Schonbek Heirloom Bronze finish. The finish product of all these meticulously beautiful details from Schonbek New Orleans Collection is a chandelier that is just as home in a contemporary or transitional setting or in a New Orleans salon. We started with a timeless classic I moved you along through a transitional style, let's finish the story and I'll show you where Schonbek is headed. A great example of Schonbek's recent contemporary movement is the Plaza Collection, a perfect example of which is this slice crystal. This entire fixture is completely encased in crystal, not one single space between these rectangular crystal cuts. It's finished in a complete sheet of precisely cut octagonal crystals. This particular piece would fit perfectly in a setting such as a Manhattan loft or a Miami kitchen.andnbsp;
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