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Sonneman - Eblast (

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This is a brand new series called Velo. It’s all built from screened white glass with crystal edges. It’s a very exciting group because of the play of the different levels of glass. Its comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, its usable in a dining room, its usable in an entry or in a passageway as a surface mount. In this series of Velo by having the glasses at various levels it establishes a rhythm and an order that is incredibly visually interesting. This wall sconce will be available in two sizes. The short one that you see here and a longer one. This is a brand new series called dichroic glass; our name for it is Dichroix. And what this glass is are thin films of coating that reflect light and fuse light. And the result is that you see an ever changing rainbow of colors based on the angle at which you see the glass. I think these fixtures are wonderful fixtures to be used in a dining room or any place that you'd love to set moods. You can bring the light up or down, you can add color or interest. It's an exciting kinetic sculpture.
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