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Varaluz Company Profile

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One of the very few lighting brands that weighs eco lighting as much as design, Varaluz is leading the charge for safer and cleaner materials. President Ron Henderson takes the “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” philosophy and runs with it. Varaluz translates to “variety of light” and with the number of recycled components and breadth of design, I can’t think of a more apt name. Specializing in eco lighting, Varaluz has separated themselves from other lighting brands by using recycled materials. Their steel is 70% or greater recycled while their glass is 100% recycled bottles. Every fixture is hand made, some taking over 100 hours to complete. Other materials used in their eco lighting are reclaimed shells, recycled aluminum and low VOC paints. For more information on Varaluz and other eco friendly lighting brands, visit your local Capitol Lighting showroom or find us online at
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