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Pink Pig Dallas 2010 - One Pig's Journey

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A little video made during my recent trip to the Lighting Market in Dallas in January 2010. My young daughter had given me a small pink pig (for a reason unknown to me) as I was walking out the door the morning I flew out. Later at the market, I was talking to Robert Sonneman. When looking for my phone, I realized I had the pink pig. I wondered if Robert would have any insight to share about the small rubber toy. I asked a simple question and his obscure yet fascinating response put me on a rather silly path. During my time at Dallas, I ventured to many showrooms and met with presidents, owners, sales managers and designers and spoke of many things. Many met the pink pig before I left (FYI - I found serious conversations should be had before discussing the pink pig) and I received some enlightening (pun intended) words of wisdom. For an industry not well known for its humor, I think it did pretty well. I apologize for those who took the time to speak with me, but did not make this short movie. There is a time limit on youtube that I had to respect. Perhaps, there will be calls for a sequel (a se-squeal). Enjoy.
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