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SATCO Presents The Revolutionary Sprint Bulb

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I'll bet you've never seen one of these! Neither did the world of LED lighting...until now. Too clever to be called a retro fit and too innovative to be from anyone but SATCO, it's Sprint. It uses less than 14 Watts of energy, provides 860 lumens of soft, even light. It's dimmable and will last more than 25,000 hours. It's no surprise that they're Energy Star qualified. To install the Sprint, here's all you do: Be sure to turn the power off first and remove the bulb. Sprint has a trimming that comes with three interchangeable color accents and fits right over your existing trim. No need to remove it or alter the fixture in any way. Sprint's narrow neck design allows it to fit into tiny spaces. Extend the neck, click it into place and screw it in. Give the edge a slight tug to release the lock and it retracts into place. It's that easy! For our full selection of SATCO products please visit:
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