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SATCO Presents the KolourOne Par30 Longneck

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What I have here is probably one of the best LED replacement lamps in the industry. It's the PAR30 Longneck. Just one in the SATCO KolourOne 2.0 series. All the drive components are housed in the sleeker neck and are potted. Meaning they're embedded in silicon for durability. There's nothing rattling around in there. It also helps with heat dissipation, so less heat sink material is needed, making these lighter and sleeker so they'll fit into tighter fixtures. Have I mentioned the light output yet? Gold plated pins connect the electronics to the panel array LEDs for the surest connections. This panel array produces soft, even light with no glare, similar to an incandescent light. The higher lumen output and longer throw distances makes these perfect for high ceilings. For our full selection of SATCO products please visit:
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