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Hinkley Lighting Landscape Lighting Effects

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A great video in which Doug Prexta from Hinkley Landscape Lighting shows you how to create dramatic lighting effects with patio lights and other outdoor lighting. Grazing uses outdoor lighting to emphasize a textured surface such as a tree trunk or a stone wall. Shadowing places a light source in front of an object, casting a shadow on a surface. Uplighting uses patio lights or other Hinkley Landscape Lighting to illuminate an object, area or surface from below. Downlighting illuminates an object, area or surface fro above. Silhouetting is used to cast the shadow or an interesting object or shape with outdoor lighting. For more information on Capitol Lighting, Hinkley Landscape Lighting, patio lights or to browse our video gallery, visit your local Capitol Lighting showroom or find us online at Capitol's eight lighting stores are the offspring of a family retailing tradition that dates back to 1924, when Max Lebersfeld, an electrical contractor and recent immigrant from Austria-Hungary, opened an affordable lighting store in Newark, NJ. Four generations later, Capitol Lighting has expanded the concept to locations in New Jersey and southeast Florida, including Boca Raton.
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