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5 Biggest Lighting Mistakes - Landscape Lighting

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Another common mistake people make is not putting in landscape lighting. Homeowners spend tens of thousands of dollars on beautiful landscaping and only enjoy that during the daylight hours. Nighttime happens to be the most dramatic time to see your landscaping. The proper landscape lighting is exceptionally important to show your home at its greatest potential. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you're entertaining guests and they’re coming over your home at night and your home is dark or lit by a very bright outdoor fixture you're losing a great opportunity to showcase all the landscaping you've done in the front of your home. If it’s lit properly it’s a very warm and inviting feel. That will be a much better first impression. Another important thing to remember about landscape lighting is you want to see the effect; you don’t want to see the fixture. If you drive through a neighborhood you'll notice landscape lighting but your eye is drawn to the fixture not the pretty tree or the shrubs that you're trying to light.
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