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5 Biggest Lighting Mistakes - Outdoor Fixture Size

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Picking the right sized fixture for your outdoor is a mistake that people go too small. Fixtures look a lot larger in the showroom than they actually look in people’s homes, or the builder put in very small fixtures, so when they go to replace it they look for a fixture that is the same size as their old fixture, when they really need something much larger. Also you have to remember that the fixture looks about half as big as it does thirty feet away on the street as it does when you're right next to it. Don’t over lamp your fixtures, or don’t put in a bulb just because you can. Many fixtures are rated for sixty watt bulbs but three sixty watt bulbs are much too bright for an outdoor fixture in general usage. Put in twenty fives or forty maximum. You can go down as low as fifteen if there are multiple bulbs, because the idea of putting an outdoor fixture is to provide a warm glow to the outside of your home.
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