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Lighting On A Budget With Joe Rey-Barreau

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I have a seminar that I've done in the past that’s called How to create the look of custom lighting on a limited budget. I love that topic because lighting can make such a difference without spending a lot of money. One of the first places that I find a person needs to think about is dimming. Historically we've thought about dimming in the dining room, what we dont realize is that dimming is a tremendous way of altering the light in every room in the house. Whats beaufiful about that is that you only need to spend fifteen to twenty dollars for a reasonable incandescent dimmer to acheive that effect. One of the most efficient ways of doing that is to put table lamp dimmers. If you want the light to be at maximum capacity for reading you can put the maximum amount of light or you can dim it down. Other places are the kitchen, its a centerpeice and a point of entertainment, and its a place where you can altert the light and basically do it very inexspensively with a dimmer. Table lamps are another inexspensive way to bring interest to a room. In a room where you have a lot of activity like a living room or a bedroom I say there should be at least three table lamps. Think about unconventional places to put table lamps. If you have shelving you can put a lamp in the shelving, or if you have a fireplace you can put a lamp on either side of the mantle. If you combine the idea of dimmers with a greater amount of table lamps it can bring an element of humanity to a space. A third element I find very interesting is the use of wall sconces. Wall sconces are a little more difficult than table lamps because you have to find a way to bring electricity to the wall sconce, but they can be very inexspensive, and they are like table lamps in that they bbring light to eye level in a subtle manner. In the end, to get these little specific suggestions go to an American Lighting Association showroom, they are experts at this, they can givde you ideas and they will also have the products you need to make that happen.
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