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Lighting Your Home with Joe Rey Barreau

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As homes have grown larger and technology more advanced, lighting has gone from a source of illumination to an important design element. The ALA is the trade association representing the lighting industry. When a consumer goes into an ALA showroom they typically will be able to work with people who are either lighting specialists or certified lighting consultants which will allow them to penetrate into the issues that need to be asked. The issues can range from how to determine the size of a chandelier. If a room is 12 X 12 you add that up and its 24, you take that number in inches and you have the size of your chandelier. says Joe Rey Barreau. Other topics include: how to light a room with large windows. At night if a window has no window covering it acts like a mirror, a good way to resolve that is to put landscape lighting on the outside of the mirror. Outdoor lighting is another area on the ALA's radar. Landscape Lighting can be done easily and uses a low voltage system. If you have interesting trees, you can use the lighting to emphasize the trees. If the house features interesting textures, either brick or stone, we use a technique called grazing, in which you put the landscape lighting very close to the wall and point it almost parallel to the wall. On the ALA's website you can find a local showroom or consultant, you can also purchase a valuable booklet that has tips on everything from bathroom and kitchen lighting to ceiling fans and energy conservation. Many of these new energy effecient lighting sources are indistinguishable from older incandescent lighting sources, and they allow consumers to spend about seventy five percent less on their electric lighting bill.
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