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The LED Revolution

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We're in the middle of a revolution! And the name of that revolution is solid state lighting also known as LEDs or Light Emiting Diodes. It is a revolutionary idea because of its efficiency and because of the fact that they last so long. Typically up to 50,000 hours. What we see, are that lamp manufacturers bring out new products, and what we see is that the fixtures can be smaller because the LED is smaller and it operates in a very cool manner. You've probably seen LEDs in the past as dots on light on a stereo display. Todays LEDs produce white light and lots of it, a one watt LED can produce up to thirty lumens of light and thats enough for a good flashlight. So when you cluster LEDs together you have enough light to equal the output of a forty watt or a sixty watt lightbulb. Right now the practical applications are things things like task lights, pendants, desk lights, step lights, landscape lighting, places where you need not a lot of light, but enough light to get stuff done. As the fixture applications multiply as LED's become more powerful you'll find more fixtures that use LEDs. The main thing to remember is this is a new efficient way to use light that will allow fixture manufacturers to do new and exciting things, that we've never seen before.
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