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Rail Lighting Systems and Components

Monorail Lighting is a simple, ideal solution if you are looking for flexible track lighting in your home. Invest in enhancing your home’s lighting, with Monorail Lighting, available from top name brands.

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Flexible Track Lighting / Monorail Lighting Systems and Components

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Introduction to Monorail Lighting

Monorail Lighting, also known as Rail Lighting, is a different variation of Track Lighting. Monorail lights are all mounted on a single continuous track. Monorail Lighting is often referred to as flex track or flexible track lighting and may be curved in any shape. There are several different types of track. Oppositely, Monorail Lighting may also form more rigid pathways or can be curved very slightly. Monorail Lighting kits are usually installed in "S curves" or "spirals".

Monorail Lighting is lighting in which the fixtures are hung from a single monorail track line. Monorail Lighting is attached to the ceiling using stems. The lights can be repositioned anywhere along the length of an electrified track. An advantage to Monorail lighting is that they can be turned on and off as a group, and you can add or subtract light with a dimmer to meet your ambience needs.

Monorail Lighting is a practical and aesthetically pleasing type of lighting. Monorail Lighting Systems don’t have to be hidden, since they have a very fresh and modern look they should blend in well. Monorail Lighting kits are typically used in multiple tracks at once.

Different Types and Applications of Monorail Lighting

Monorail Lighting is a very interesting method of lighting. It is great for task lighting because you may point each light in a different direction as needed. You see Monorail Lighting used often in restaurants, along bars, kitchen counters, and even at hair dressers.

Monorail Lighting, like Track Lighting, is typically mounted on a wall or ceiling but can also be mounted lengthwise on down beams, across rafters, as well as hung with rods from vaulted ceilings. Finishes of Monorail Lighting include black, bronze, and satin nickel to name a few. Monorail Lighting bulb types offered include LED, incandescent, and halogen. LED Monorail lighting uses high powered LEDs to drive light in dramatic fashion and many are approved for monorail lighting fixtures. To view all the Monorail Lighting offered, visit Capitol Lighting online at 1800lighting.com or specifically, view our Monorail Lighting page.

Capitol Lighting carries an immense collection of Ceiling Lighting such as Chandeliers, Pendant Lighting, Modern Pendant Lighting, Traditional Pendant Lighting, Vintage Pendant Lighting, Foyer Lanterns, Island Lights, Flush Mounts, Semi Flush Mounts, Track Lighting, Cable Lighting, Recessed Lighting, Indoor Spot Lights, Lighted Pot Racks, and Ceiling Medallions.

Design and Installation of a Monorail Lighting System

A Monorail Lighting kit is very useful in situations where traditional lighting is problematic or not as useful as it should be. Monorail Lighting can be very effective for isolating a work of art or other prominent design elements. Several lights can be installed in a single track and pointed in any number of directions, this is the key to the growing success of Monorail Lighting and other forms of Track Lighting. Traditional spotlights may take up valuable space on a ceiling, and the backlighting effect from below is often unpleasant. Monorail Lighting does not take up valuable space on a mantle or table, has no unpleasant backlighting from the ceiling, and unlike spotlights it can be hung unobtrusively from the ceiling.

Monorail Lighting Systems are a stark contrast to the typical routing of electrical wiring because it uses electrical conductors, where the electrical wiring is hidden inside a piece of plastic or aluminum track, and then that is wired directly into a circuit or a wall socket for power. Metal plates in the socket contact the charged wiring in the track, and this is how the bulb is powered.

How to Choose the Best Monorail Lighting System

Monorail Lighting comes in so many different styles and Capitol Lighting’s 1800Lighting.com, has them all! Capitol Lighting offers indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, track lighting, fans, and everything in between! Speak with our professionally trained staff to find flexible track lighting that will fit perfectly in your home. For high quality, great looking, functional and affordable light fixtures, like Monorail Lighting, visit Capitol Lighting online.

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