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Accent Paintings and Art

Wall Accents like paintings are a type of accent piece that can completely change the look and feel of your wall as well at the way you use the room.

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Accent Paintings of All Styles

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Acrylic Wall Paintings

This versatile paint can be made to look like either an oil painting or a watercolor painting, but also has its own stand-alone qualities. Acrylic paint dries at a much faster rate so there tends to be less color mixing. However this fast drying ability lends it to also allow for other types of mediums to be used over it such as sand, charcoal, or pastels. This paint is also more durable as it is not as sensitive to heat or other elements. This paint also eliminates the strong smell that is often associated with true oil paintings.

Oil Wall Paintings

Oil paintings give the artist more freedom in blending colors or brush strokes due to oil paints slow drying properties. The paint can also be manipulated to be very thick with rich colors or thin and almost transparent depending on how much paint thinner is added to it. These paintings often show case the artist’s precise intentions because they have so much time to work with the paint before it dries.

Watercolor Wall Paintings

One of the biggest differences between watercolor paintings and all other paintings is that the paint doesn’t stay exactly where it is placed, it spreads. As it absorbs into the paper it moves and bleeds, leaving behind no sharp lines. Another difference found with this type of art is done largely on paper or papyrus as opposed to largely on canvas. The types of paints also vary, as they can come in water soluble pigments in the form of paint, or they can come in water soluble colored pencils.

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