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Howard Elliot Collections and Decor

About Howard Elliot Collections

The Howard Elliott Collection offers vibrant accent pieces and novel adornments to update your home from foyer and powder room to master bedroom suite. As one of the premier manufacturers of decorative mirrors and accessories in the home furnishings industry, Howard Elliott brings creativity and imagination into every item to help make your envisioned design scheme a beautiful reality.

Fashion your dream home with exquisite mirrors and decorative accessories from the Howard Elliott Collection.

Redefining the home furnishings and hospitality industry since 2001, Howard Elliott Collections represent splendid concepts and topnotch manufacturing with innovative home accessories and occasional furniture.

Furthering their mission to create exceptional products that truly finish a room, Howard Elliott boasts a huge selection offering versatility, style and customized products.

With Chicago-land and international manufacturing facilities, Howard Elliott takes pride in handcrafted quality construction. The vast size of Howard Elliott’s production team allows them to cater to the demands of any project-large or small.

Howard Elliott strives to incorporate refreshing ideas into each home décor scheme, as their artists are constantly updating their look with new finishes, novel fabrics and innovative compositions.

Outstanding collections from Howard Elliott exude “all the comforts of home” and represent “the signature of design.”

Mirrors are superbly fashioned in every genre, including transitional, contemporary, ornate, and traditional. Available in virtually every size and shape--round, rectangular, square, oval, oversized and custom colored—Howard Elliott mirrors make a true design statement. Find the perfect fit to expand your home environment with the unmatched energy of mirrored configurations.

Accessories include vases, sculpture, candleholders, bookends, pillows, designer boxes, decorative bowls, whimsical teapots and more. Creatively interwoven elements of wood, metal, glass and ceramic present in a variety of compositions both functional and purely decorative.

Tables, cabinets, ottomans, chairs, love seats and headboards make up Howard Elliott’s superb accent furniture ensembles. Items may be custom painted or special ordered with your fabric for a designing finish. A myriad of color options in faux leather are available on select items. The Howard Elliott Collection comprises fabulous wall art and top-notch bedding, as well.

Shop to experience all the best from Howard Elliott’s designer collections, including new items for the stylish home or office environment.

Walls don’t make houses. Unless it’s a house decorated with eye-catching wall decorative, designer tables with equally trendy table accents and other collections that pronounce your home, it doesn’t not make the people go wow! Howard Elliot collections and décor is an easy solution and your one stop shop to all home décor queries and needs.


Working up and redefining home furnishings since 2001, Howard Elliot has been a proud owner of a vast collection of handcrafted home décor pieces that they offer in every style to suit every home, perfectly. If you dream of a home that makes you talk of the town, Howard Elliot home accessories are a great way to start. Innovative home accents and rare furniture items offered by the brand come with huge versatility, amazing concepts, and top-notch quality. The brand’s mission is to create exquisite products that finish a home in a true sense. Henceforth, they offer a wide-wide range of home furnishing and accessories, both already designed for you and customizable to beautify your room perfectly.


Every product of the Howard Elliot collection is fashioned in a myriad of genre. The styles range from Traditional and Transitional to Modern Contempo and Rustic. Vibrant artistic home accents offered by the band are a great option to keep your home looking fresh and up to date. The company offers some exquisite mirrors and other wall accents that are sure to make your guests sigh and wish for the same beautiful collection you own.

Product line

Howard Elliot presents its customers with a vast variety of products and an amazing line of fresh and vibrant art pieces to adorn their homes with. The wall accessories which include the awe-inspiring mirrors available in every possible genre, size, and shape range from square, rectangular, oval or oversized mirrors in rustic, contemporary, and ornate looks. Home accessories include table accents, vases, decorative bowls and teapots and other home accents while the furnishing collection exudes seating, designer tables and storage cabinets. Suggestions

When such a variety is at hand it is virtually impossible to not find a decorative piece for your home. If a rustic, simple, and yet influential piece of mirror is what you need, the Howard Elliot 37023 Aggawak Mirror is just the right pick. The rectangular birch bark framed mirror weighs 62 pounds.