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Floor Lamps

The right floor lamp does more than just illuminate a space - it can completely change the design of a room or serve as a stunning sculptural focal point. Whether youre looking for a minimal LED floor lamp to provide ambient light or a decorative fixture to provide accent light as well as an attractive design statement, floor lamps can be used to illuminate home offices, bedrooms or living rooms. Create a cozy getaway no matter the room or decor with a floor lamp.

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Floor Lamps of All Styles

Shop Floor Lamps of All Sizes at Capitol Lighting's 1800lighting.com

The right lamp does more than just illuminate a space. It can completely change the design of a room while serving as a statement-making sculptural focal point. The team here at 1800Lighting knows just how powerful the perfect floor lamp can be, which is why we've curated an unmatched selection of floor lamp styles to complement your unique home décor. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a minimalist LED table lamp with contemporary features or want to design an entire room around a one-of-a-kind Tiffany floor lamp, you'll find an inspiring style in this overflowing assortment. 1800Lighting offers floor lamps with a 110% best-price guarantee.

Those looking for unconventional floor lamps will adore the beautiful styles available here. We have some of the industry's most artful light features, including hand-crafted Tiffany glass floor lamps with original art glass shades, exquisite chandelier-style floor lamps with luxurious silhouettes and stunningly designed modern floor lamps that would look right at home in any well-appointed mid-century living space. We also have a great selection of popular tripod floor lamps that give your space a slightly eclectic, academic vibe. We even have some ultra-practical table floor lamps with built-in surfaces for resting drinks, décor and more.

If you have a more traditional eye, you'll be pleased to find an amazing assortment of formal and traditional floor lamps in this selection. Beautifully tapered shades and elaborately shaped bases finished in rich tones of gold, brass, copper and dark wood ensure that these classic styles look right at home in your formal living space. You can further narrow our selection to include options tailored for French country, Williamsburg and Mediterranean décor styles. Looking for something a bit different? Make sure to explore our selection of arc floor lamps and torchiere lamps for even more delightful options.

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