Outdoor Flood Lights

Outdoor Flood Lights are light fixtures that illuminate very wide areas including large decks, patios, and front yards.  We carry popular LED Outdoor Flood Lights that are perfect for lighting up any space that requires a far and wide reach.

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Outdoor Flood Lights of All Styles

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Introduction to Outdoor Flood Lights

Outdoor Flood Lights are a popular choice among homeowners because of the many advantages they provide compared to having no lighting or just a small amount of access lighting. Serving a similar purpose as spotlights, outdoor floodlights can emphasize any front or back yard area. Floodlights also work great as security lighting. Particularly, if your home is set back a great distance from the road, floodlights may be used to light up your whole property. Flood Lights act as deterrents for burglars and also help emergency personnel in case of emergency easily find your home.

Different Types and Applications of Outdoor Flood Lights

Outdoor flood lights are often used to shed light on large areas of a property, such as large parking lots, driveways, or large yards. Outdoor lighting, like flood lights may improve the safety of guests, employees and many others, as you light an area to help avoid any unnecessary slips, trips and falls. Like spot lights, floodlights can be set to an automatic motion sensor to turn on when there is movement nearby or set to a timer, to come on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Outdoor flood lights range in price from $80 - $400 and vary in height from 0 to 12 inches. Common styles that are offered include modern contemporary, traditional, and craftsman-mission style. Finishes are available in black, white, neutral tone, oil rubbed bronze, brass, greens and brown tones. When purchasing outdoor flood lights you should know your voltage type, whether line or low voltage, and the desired bulb type whether LED, incandescent, halogen or fluorescent. Shop all the top brands including Kichler, Nuvo Lighting, Progress Lighting, Sea Gull Lighting, Hinkley Lighting, and Quorum International.

Design and Installation of Outdoor Flood Lights

Outdoor flood light installation is often similar to spot light installation. Floodlights may be mounted on a shed, garage, tree, or uplit from the ground to shine on your home. Wiring may be hidden underground to preserve a clean look or the fixture may even be solar powered which requires no wiring at all. Remember to keep the fixtures hidden (behind a rock or stone wall is perfect) so that they are not the focal point, and only what they are pointed at is.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Flood Lights

If you have decided to purchase outdoor wall lighting, but need help deciding on a certain style or finish contact a Capitol Lighting specialist today! For purposeful and affordable landscape lighting such as outdoor flood lights, visit Capitol Lighting 1800lighting.com. Choose from the following landscape lighting essentials: pathway lights, deck lights, outdoor spot lights, well lights, landscape specialty lights, bollards, pond and fountain lights, landscape transformers, and more landscape lighting accessories.

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