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LED Cabinet and Task Lighting
Low Energy Lighting Solutions for Kitchen, Bath and Display

LED Under Cabinet Lighting from Top Brands

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LED Under Cabinet Lighting is an ideal solution to lighting cabinetry and showing off more of the great spaces your home has to offer. Add more illumination on your countertops and within your cabinets and kitchen or bathroom by installing LED Under Cabinet Lighting, available from top name brands.

Introduction to LED Under Cabinet Lighting

LED Under Cabinet Lighting is great to install just as you would regular incandescent under cabinet lighting- in the kitchen or bar space or vanity- even in your walk in closet if you have cabinetry- and of course also in your bathroom. LED Under Cabinet Lighting is great because the bulbs are LED which means they will last longer and have to be replace less often, saving you costs and energy consumption at the same time. LED Under Cabinet Lighting and will do wondering because it will light the spaces beneath vanities giving that extra light needed in most bathrooms, adding a clean look and also, being low voltage, consuming less energy than the major electric fixture you have in that room, comparatively. This will make middle-of-the-night trips to your bathroom or for snacks in your kitchen safer and more convenient if you were to leave these lights running.

Different Types and Applications of LED Under Cabinet Lighting

LED Under Cabinet Lighting is available in a variety of different types. There are LED or non-LED (incandescent), there are strips or individual pucks, you can use them indoor or properly install them for outdoor use, you can get them wired in, or you can get battery operated or wireless.

Under Cabinet Lighting is functional and stylish, and comes in all shapes and sizes, in an array of finishes and styles. Under Cabinet Lighting from Capitol Lighting includes Puck Lights, LED Under Cabinet Lighting, LED Strip Lights, LED Tape Lights, Puck Lights, Strip Lights, Tape Lights, Light Bars and of course Cabinet Lighting Accessories!

Design and Installation of LED Under Cabinet Lighting

There is an array to installation techniques depending on which LED Under Cabinet Lighting product you choose. The design of your kitchen or kitchen or bathroom cabinetry will determine which LED accessory you need and where and how it can be properly installed.

Before you make a purchase, assess the size and type of your cabinetry before you decide which type of Capitol Lighting LED under cabinet light fixture to choose for your bathroom or kitchen. The size will determine the amount of light it provides in the room, and whether you will need to install just one fixture to serve the purpose you need, or many fixtures. For the style, consider your bathroom/kitchen décor unless the accessory is LED cabinet lighting that will remain unseen. If you need any help making a decision, contact a Capitol Lighting expert to help you.

No matter which you choose though, safety is first when making any LED Under Cabinetry installation. First and foremost, make sure your power sources are turned off. If you decide to perform this task yourself, use caution and turn off all electricity beforehand, perhaps ask a friend to assist. If you are hiring help, it should not be too costly, as this is likely an easy installation for them.

How far apart you should space your LED Under Cabinet Lights depends on your particular lighting project. If you are installing Under Cabinet Lights, first measure underneath each cabinet - the area that forms a hollowed-out space. Use one LED Under Cabinet Lights for every 6-10 inches of free space.

How to Choose the Best LED Under Cabinet Lighting

If you need assistance with selecting the right components for your LED Under Cabinet lighting project, please don’t hesitate to visit. Capitol Lighting showroom near you, where you can speak with our customer service professionals to discuss your LED under cabinet lighting project further. Or visit Capitol Lighting online at Be it indoor lighting or outdoor lighting, Capitol Lighting can help you select the right Under Cabinet Lighting components for your project, and everything in between, which means quality and durability for the products you purchase. Find the perfect LED Under Cabinet lighting fixtures to meet your needs at Capitol Lighting.