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Looking for a beautiful, practical and energy efficient way to light up your walls? There's no better choice than LED wall lights! These fixtures use light-emitting diode (LED) technology to provide ample brightness while running at a lower wattage, effectively helping you shave dollars off your monthly energy bill. 1800Lighting by Capitol Lighting hand-selects the industry's best LED wall fixtures — including LED sconces, LED display lights, LED swing arm lamps and LED vanity lights — so that you can take advantage of this smart technology without compromising on quality, style or value. And, with free shipping and easy returns, we make it easy to get it right.

Although each LED wall light in our selection is equipped with the latest lighting technologies, every single one is still designed with a focus on style and value. We have an incredible assortment of traditional LED sconces and display lights that you can use in your formal or traditional living space, as well as contemporary LED fixtures that bring a sleek, clean aesthetic. We also have styles to cater to less common design themes, including industrial, whimsical, rustic and craftsman. Additionally, you'll find a large collection of LED wall swing lamps that are perfect for providing adjustable, targeted light above your bed.

As you may know, an LED light bulb provides the same brightness as an incandescent while drawing significantly less power. For example, an incandescent of 60 watts would be equivalent to an LED with just 8 or 12 watts, all while providing the same light output. Therefore, you can expect these LED wall fixtures to provide you with plenty of brightness for task lighting, workshop lighting and bathroom lighting. At 1800Lighting, we offer affordable LED picture lights that beautifully highlight the artwork and architectural features inside your home or business as well as efficient LED bath vanity lights for use in your bathroom remodel or upgrade. All of these fixtures include the guaranteed lowest prices at 1800Lighting.