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Recessed Lighting
Trims, Housings and Everything in Between

Recessed Lighting, Ceiling Can Lights, Recessed Lighting Trims and Housings

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Recessed lighting is one of the most popular lighting systems used in homes and businesses. These lighting fixtures are comprised of three main parts, namely, the bulb, decorative trim and the housing. The bulb is enclosed in a canister-like housing, which is then mounted in the ceiling. Sometimes referred to as the can light, a recessed light has a downward projection. It gives the illusion of light coming from a hole in the ceiling. This type of lighting system is both practical and functional. It provides enough illumination in the room without taking too much space. This is great for an area with a low ceiling. You may use recessed light fixtures in kitchens, family rooms, hallways, dens, and other areas.

Buying and Installation Recessed Lighting

You have to consider several factors when installing Recessed Lighting fixtures. One is the type of ceiling where you want the recessed lights to be installed. If installed on a sloped ceiling, they have to be designed or matched according to the angle of your ceiling. You also need to determine the function these light fixtures will perform. Are you going to use them as ambient light, task lighting or as a general source of light? Consider whether you have insulation installed to determine what type of housing should be used. If there is insulation, the lighting fixture should be installed at least three inches away from the insulation. If contact with the insulation is unavoidable, you may opt for UL rated housings.

You have various options when it comes to the housing of recessed lighting. Depending on how you plan to use recessed lighting, you can choose from a variety of sizes. There are sizes designed mainly for general lighting and small enough for accent and task lighting.

Trims should also be chosen carefully. This is the part which is exposed after installation. You can choose from trims that are both stylish and functional.

Recessed Lighting Options

You may use LED, fluorescent and incandescent bulbs for these types of light fixtures. The incandescent bulb is the most popular among these choices as they are more affordable. However, they also consume more energy and have a shorter life span compared to the other types. LEDs are the most expensive upfront but they are more energy efficient and help you save money on your energy bills. They also last longer than other types of bulbs.

You also have several options for recessed lighting trims. There are open trims that provide a finished look and directional types that offer versatility to your lighting fixtures.

Are you looking for recessed lighting? Once you have a clear idea on what you need, you can then choose among the wide selection of lighting fixtures available at Capitol Lighting. Choose trim and recessed housing made by top brands like Swarovski, WAC Lighting, Eurofase Lighting, Sea Gull Lighting and more. Visit Capitol Lighting’s to find the lighting fixture that suits your style and needs. You may also ask questions from our competent staff to learn more about different lighting systems like bedroom lighting, landscape lighting, wall lighting and more.

Recessed Lighting can be used in combination with other light fixtures to add needed light to a room when one central fixture or ceiling fan will not suffice. Selection and installation is simple - all you need is a recessed housing and a trim! Capitol Lighting offers a wide selection of recessed lighting fixtures from all the top name brands like WAC Lighting for all applications. Damp rated recessed lighting trims for showers and bathrooms as well as New Construction and Remodel housings for both Line and Low Voltage systems. Once you've settled on your housing, you'll also need recessed lighting trim, which is the visible ceiling counterpart to the recessed lighting, invisible housing. Recessed trims come in a variety of sizes and styles and tend to match specific housings. The simplest way to shop recessed lighting is to find your recessed lighting trim, and then add the corresponding housing.

Don't Forget the Recessed Lighting

When lighting a bedroom, most people feel that a single lighting fixture or ceiling fan will suffice. Not so! View our video to see why recessed lights are a great addition to any bedroom.

Effectively and Unobtrusively Light Your Room

Recessed lighting is the simplest and most effective way to light your room unobtrusively. Read our article to see how recessed lighting is perfect for lighting small rooms.