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Ceiling Lighting

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Ceiling Lights, from Chandelier Light Fixtures to Ceiling Pendants and More, for Every Room in the Home

Chandeliers, mini pendants, foyer lanterns and flush mounts – these are just few of the many types of ceiling lighting fixtures you will find on the market. How do you decide which one to purchase? It depends on your lighting requirement, the size of the room, and the theme or style of the room. For you to make the right decision, it is also important that you know the different types of ceiling lights you can get for your home.

Ceiling Pendants

This is a single ceiling lighting fixture. It usually hangs from a chain or a metal rod at least two feet from the ceiling. Pendant lights are quite similar to chandeliers, although they are less elaborate in design. With the light or bulb enclosed, it reduces glare and creates a soft glow in the room. Because of the simplicity of its design, you can use a ceiling pendant in any part of the home such as the foyer, kitchen, or bathroom. While it functions as a lighting system, you can also use it as a decorative item. There are many kinds of pendant lights. You have the mini pendant lights, which are smaller versions of the standard pendants. Although most pendant lights only use a single bulb, there are also those that use multiple bulbs.

Flush Mounts

Unlike most ceiling lights that hang from the ceiling, you attach flush mounts directly to the ceiling. They do not have chains or metal rods, leaving no gap between the lighting fixture and the ceiling. This type of ceiling light is ideal in homes with low ceilings. They are practical and stylish. You can find them in different styles to suit different kinds of home, whether contemporary, old-Victorian or traditional.

Semi Flush Mounts

This ceiling light hangs from the ceiling, but not as low as chandeliers and pendants. It usually hangs off by about 12-24 inches. Because it is open from the top, it means they also provide more light compared to flush mounts.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is also another popular type of ceiling lighting. It is basically made of three parts. You have the trim, the housing and the light itself. Sometimes referred to as down light or can light, this type of lighting fixture appears as though light is coming from a hole in the ceiling. This is because you install this type of fixture in a hollow opening in the ceiling. You can use it for general lighting and highlighting certain features in the home.

How to Buy the Perfect Ceiling Lighting

One of the main considerations when buying ceiling lights is the height of the ceiling. You would not want use a chandelier or a pendant light in a room with low ceiling. Also, be careful when using recessed lighting, flush mounts, and semi flush mounts for homes with high ceiling. They may not always work the way you plan them to.

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