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Ceiling Fans
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Indoor Ceiling Fans, Energy Star Ceiling Fans Help Cooler Heads Prevail

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Indoor ceiling fans do not only keep you cool during the warm weather but they also help reduce energy costs. You do not have to rely on your air conditioning system during the hot summer months to keep you cool inside your home. Other than providing comfort and their energy-saving benefits, most people also buy ceiling fans for their ornamental value. The addition of a ceiling fan in a room can greatly improve the ambience of your home. Before you start shopping for one, here are some tips on choosing the right indoor ceiling fan.


You don’t want to buy something that you wouldn’t be able to use because it is not suitable for your home. Prior to buying one, you should consider where you are going to install it. You have to look into several factors when installing an indoor ceiling fan. You need to take note of the size and shape of the space where you want to have the ceiling fan installed. Consider the distance between the floor and the ceiling. This will help you decide on the right size you should choose for your fan. For a small room, you want those with smaller blades so as not to make the room look overcrowded. Consider also how you plan to make the electrical connections. Professionals can install them for you. However, if you want to install them yourself, you will have to plan the electrical wiring carefully.


In the past, indoor ceiling fans only had simplistic designs. Fortunately, you can now find a wide selection of ceiling fans with different designs, and in various colors. You can go for those trendy pieces if you want a contemporary look. Some even come with lights, so you both get a cooling system and a lighting system. If the space has a low ceiling, you can go for those “hugger” style ceiling fans. They have a compact design and hang close to the ceiling. There are also ceiling fans that are installed in individual parts so you can customize them on your own. You can buy additional light kits, or even have remotes installed.

Operation and Efficiency

While the design is important, you also need to consider how well the product operates. You have probably noticed how some ceiling fans can be too noisy. The noise can become irritating that you would rather just switch the fan off. You do not want your ceiling to gather dust from lack of use, do you? So in choosing ceiling fans for your home, choose one with a quiet motor. Proper installation is also important in order to prevent ceiling fans from creating noise.

Ceiling Fans from Capitol Lighting

If you are thinking of getting a ceiling fan, consider Capitol Lighting’s They offer a good selection of ceiling fans, including flush mount and semi flush mounts. Aside from fans, they also offer a variety of lighting fixtures that will go well with your ceiling fans. They have indoor ceiling fans, outdoor ceiling fans, flush mount ceiling fans, energy star ceiling fans, and ceiling fan accessories.

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