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Chandelier Ceiling Fans

Chandelier Ceiling Fans are a growingly popular style of indoor ceiling fans, a more fresh and modern and stylish piece. Glam up your indoor while cooling it down, with a Chandelier Ceiling Fan, available from top name brands.

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Chandelier Ceiling Fans of All Styles

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Introduction to Chandelier Ceiling Fans

A Chandelier Ceiling Fans is a light fixture chandelier mounted to a fan which is mounted to the ceiling that is used oftentimes for decorative, ornate lighting purposes. Chandeliers have a way of illuminating a room with beauty and stature, and the fan part can truly help distribute cool air around a room.

The Capitol Lighting family of showrooms and online retail websites has begun to sell this fan favorite only from the best lighting designers and manufacturers. Showing exquisite attention to detail in every Chandelier Ceiling Fans it sells, Capitol Lighting is your number one source for all ceiling fans and accessories.

While fans are available in so many shapes, sizes, colors and styles, a Chandelier Ceiling Fan will truly stand out from the crowd- nothing looks quite like this type! Chandelier Ceiling Fans are great for decorative purposes, to create a dramatic focal point. Its modern glamour and forward-thinking cool and is a great choice and a beautiful addition to any room. A Capitol Lighting Chandelier Ceiling Fan will immediately cool any space with style and class.

Different Types and Applications of Chandelier Ceiling Fans

A chandelier ceiling fan is quite a different look. It is something newer on the market and the audience has loved it so far! There are a few looks of Chandelier Ceiling Fans. The first is just how you’d picture a normal, traditional ceiling fan, but at its center, a drop down chandelier where you would picture a light hanging, whether it be the glass charms or beading, with the fan blades where you would expect to see them. Another form is similar to the one just described except the chandelier part is along the ceiling and then the blades are lowered beneath it. And a third look for the Chandelier Ceiling Fan is a circular encased chandelier with the fan itself inside this enclosed circle. The blades spin parallel to the ceiling enclosed within this so the look as a whole is a chandelier and the fan part is virtually unseen. Decorative light bulbs are often mounted inside the motor housing and often has glass panel sections which allow light to shine though.

This is a quite unique and charming type of light fixture and fan in one! It’s really modern and fresh and its look is rather glamorous. It makes a blank room look chic and stylish. These types of Chandelier Ceiling Fans are as glamorous and trendy as they are affordable.

Styles/Finishes of Indoor Ceiling Fans carried by Capitol Lighting include Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fans, White Ceiling Fans, Bronze Ceiling Fans, Brass Ceiling Fans, Traditional Ceiling Fans, Modern Ceiling Fans, Indoor Tropical Ceiling Fans, Vintage Ceiling Fans, Energy Star Ceiling Fans, Double Ceiling Fans, Belt Driven Ceiling Fans, Chandelier Ceiling Fans, and Ceiling Fans with Lights. Types of fans available from Capitol Lighting include Indoor Ceiling Fans, Floor Fans, Table Fans, Exhaust Fans, as well as Ceiling Fans with Lights, as well as Outdoor Ceiling Fans, which can come wet-rated.

Design and Installation of Chandelier Ceiling Fans

Ideally, Chandelier Ceiling Fans are perfect for homes with high ceilings, yet if you purchase the correct sized Chandelier Ceiling Fan, which come in all different sizes large to small, they can absolutely fit in any room in your house, independent of the size of your ceiling. You can place them in your bedroom to make you feel like you are cooling off in a royal suite. They are also great in dining rooms, kitchens, and even a child’s bedroom.

In order to install a Chandelier Ceiling Fan, you will just need to make sure the size of the Chandelier Ceiling Fan is proportionate to the dimensions of the room. The size and height of the dining table will help you determine the size of the light fixture you need to purchase. You can install the fixture in the middle of the room. Do this yourself or hire a trained professional if you are wary about handling the chandelier and injuring yourself or causing damage to the fixture. Check that your electricity is off and be cautious!

How to Choose the Best Chandelier Ceiling Fans

Let Capitol Lighting help you with your lighting and fan needs. Increase the value of your home with an exquisite chandelier ceiling fan. This light fixture is elegant and will never go out of style. If you are thinking of getting an Indoor Ceiling Fan, consider Capitol Lighting at Talk with any of our staff at Capitol Lighting to help you find the perfect Chandelier Ceiling Fan that will match your home décor.

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