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Fans, Ceiling Fans of All Styles

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Fans are a great way to keep your home cool during the warm months, or circulate air all year round. Cool off your indoor spaces by installing Fans, available from top name brands.

Introduction to Fans

When it comes to ceiling fans, you will find none better than those from Capitol Lighting. A fan will bring cool style to any room while helping you work smarter, not harder, to help cut down on your homes’ energy costs throughout the year. Fans circulate air around in a room, and keep the house cooled off during the hot summer months. Fans are popular to use in homes because they do not use up floor space as stand fans do, and they are much more efficient than blasting the air conditioner. Ceiling Fans let you free up space in your home, leaving floor space for walking, more furniture, or more home decor. While floor, desk, and table fans help circulate the cool air that has dropped lower to the ground, as we all know hot air rises and cool air sinks. Whichever type you choose, ceiling fans can serve a decorative purpose themselves and can add to the beautiful aesthetics of your home. Fans can be used to harmonize with existing surroundings or create a dramatic focal point. Whether it is used in a residential or commercial environment, a fan’s clarity and simplicity will infuse contemporary interiors with timeless grace. Capitol Lighting indoor fans will immediately cool any space with a touch of style and sophistication.

Different Types and Applications of Fans

There are many different types of fans offered by Capitol Lighting. One type is a Flush Mount Ceiling Fan which is designed specifically for areas with low ceilings. They drop down less than a foot, just enough for the fan to circulate air without encompassing needed space for walking. Other ceiling fans available can hang low by means of a rod, up to many different lengths, and this is great for a room with a very high ceiling.

Styles/Finishes of Indoor Ceiling Fans carried by Capitol Lighting include Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fans, White Ceiling Fans, Bronze Ceiling Fans, Brass Ceiling Fans, Traditional Ceiling Fans, Modern Ceiling Fans, Indoor Tropical Ceiling Fans, Vintage Ceiling Fans, Energy Star Ceiling Fans, Double Ceiling Fans, Belt Driven Ceiling Fans, Chandelier Ceiling Fans, and Ceiling Fans with Lights. Other types of fans available include Indoor Ceiling Fans as well as Outdoor Ceiling Fans, which can come wet-rated, Floor Fans, Table Fans, Exhaust Fans, as well as Ceiling Fans with Lights.

Fans by Capitol Lighting also come in a variety of styles by many key name brands. Some fans are wide with long blades, other fans are smaller. Compact designed fans can fit in small areas and provide the same amount of ventilation and cooling as a larger fan. Fans come in a range of sizes, colors, styles, finishes, heights and blade sizes. Colors available include wood, finishes like bronze or black or white. Fans come with a choice of blade options and contours and even have light kits available to enhance your homes’ lighting.

Design and Installation of Fans

Fans are a common installation in most homes, and can be done easily by you or by a professional. With the right ceiling height, a ceiling fan can be the perfect addition to any room. It is important to install the correct type of ceiling fan as far as height goes, in order to properly to ensure maximum safety for those passing below to not encounter any danger. If you do have a low ceiling, a ceiling fan can be dangerous to passersby and should not be installed. But considering the room height is ideal, a fan is a perfect way to add ventilation and style to your home!

Personal safety should come first while installing a fan. Make sure you turn off the power as you would installing any lighting fixture. Check the stability of the electrical box in the ceiling and perhaps you may need to add two additional screws to the top side. When installing the fan blades to the support, the screws should be installed at the side where they are hidden from plain view and are tightly screwed on so that they will not fall off while spinning.

How to Choose the Best Fans

If you are thinking of getting a Fan, consider Capitol Lighting at 1800lighting.com. They offer a wide selection of ceiling fans, including flush mount and semi flush mounts. Aside from fans, they also offer a variety of lighting fixtures that will go well with your ceiling fans. They have indoor ceiling fans, outdoor ceiling fans, flush mount ceiling fans, energy star ceiling fans, and ceiling fan accessories.

Why Ceiling Fans are Smart Home Solutions

Why Ceiling Fans are Smart Home Solutions

Do Ceiling Fans Really Cut Costs?

To put it bluntly, you betcha! The right ceiling fan can cut down on your cooling AND heating costs considerably. Read our in depth article to learn more.

Video: The Benefits of Fans

of installing ceiling fans in your home.