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Underwater Pond and Fountain Lights

Outdoor Pond Lights are ideal solutions for giving the beautiful pond in your backyard a refreshing look. Whether it is a complete start to finish job or a summer makeover, to highlight the beautiful fish and other aquatic life in your pond, you can find so many different varieties, designs and color pond lights, available from top name brands.

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Pond and Fountain Lights of All Styles

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Introduction to Pond Lights

Pond Lighting is a popular choice among many homeowners with fountains and ponds. Pond lights can greatly enhance the look and feel of your outdoor pond area, as well as enhance the bigger picture, the beauty of your yard. Are you thinking of installing a fountain or pond on your property? Is the beautiful pond in your backyard is in need of a refreshing look? at Capitol Lighting. Why install pond lighting? Perhaps you are looking to direct focus to your pond, and light it from the outside. Or maybe you are looking to highlight the beautiful fish and other aquatic life who are enjoying it and light beneath the water. In either case, pond lighting can truly enhance the look and feel of your entire backyard space.

Different Types and Applications of Pond Lights

Some outdoor wall lights have specific functions. Take picture lighting, for instance. These are lights used to highlight pictures, paintings, or wall accents indoors but outdoors, picture lights can do something similar and highlight a piece of outdoor artwork or architecture, perhaps a beautiful bird bath or fountain. Similarly, pond lights have a very specific function. They can highlight the fish you keep in your pond, as well as the water, stones and other accents in your pond.

Many different styles of pond lighting are available. You can light the interior of the pond itself. You can light the wall above the pond with a type of pond wall art or pond wall lighting, similar to sconces, or of course, you can light the pond from the grass or stone surrounding your pond.

Pond lighting is available in the greatest amount of fixture colors of probably any type of lighting. Red, blue, purple, green, oranges, and more, all available in multiple shades, as well as an obre-esque type of mixed colors.

Pond lights range from a simple glass accessory at $10, up to a more expensive fixture at $2500. Heights of this piece of equipment range from 0 to 65+ inches. Styles that are offered include Tiffany Glass, Asian, nautical, rustic, as well as the typical modern contemporary and transitional. Finishes available include bronze, brown, chromes, as well as whites and more, and Colors offered are orange/amber, white, clear/crystal, available in the greatest amount, but also greens, pinks, blues, etc. Special features include Energy Star products, Dark Sky compliant products, as well as ADA compliance. And bulb types offered include LED, incandescent, halogen and fluorescent. Brands that are carried include Designers Fountain, Meyda Lighting, Kenroy Home, among many other great manufacturers.

Design and Installation of Pond Lights

If you have decided to purchase pond lighting, you should read the manual on how to properly install such lighting, as it is not of the norm, although it should not be particularly difficult. It is extremely important to not mix electricity with water, so your pond will have to be completely drained and dry before you attempt insytallation. If you find you are having trouble, you should seek out a professional. Remember to keep the fixtures hidden so that they are not the focal point, only what they are pointed at.

How to Choose the Best Pond Lights

Many homeowners who have fountains or ponds on their property go to great lengths to care for the water quality of their ponds, as oftentimes there are aquatic creatures enjoying in pond life. Because of such, the look and feel of the pond should be just as important. Pond lighting can offer just a touch of lighting to enhance the aesthetics of your pond and yard area, while also serving as a safety factor and adding to the illumination of your yard.

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