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Landscape Lighting
Make Your Home Truly Welcoming

Landscape Lighting, Path Lights, Deck Lights, Security Lighting and More

Landscape Lighting, Deck Lights, Path Lights, Security Lighting and More

A Beautiful Landscape is not complete without the right Landscape Lighting. Installing landscape lighting is one of the most convenient ways to decorate the outside of your home and add the sense of security. With the right outdoor light fixtures, you may showcase your garden or simply enjoy your patio or deck after sunset. Illuminate your home with a soft glow in the evening making it inviting for all guests with new landscape light fixtures.

First Impressions Are Everything

Make sure your home is welcoming to guests from the outside and provide safety and security with bright LED outdoor landscape lighting. Be sure to please anyone's eyes at night with beautifully set up exterior lighting. These light fixtures not only provide aesthetic beauty to the outside of your home, but will ensure all your guests are safely guided to your entrance.

When setting up your landscape lighting, you must first consider the overall effect you’d like to create for your home. Do you want a set up that makes your home stand out or something that is more subdued? Once you’ve decided on how much illumination you want, you may then decide on the lighting techniques you’d like to use and light fixtures you need to achieve the desired effect.

Different Lighting Techniques

There are several lighting techniques you can use for your landscape. Different lighting techniques help create a beautiful scene and add to the security of your home.

Up Lighting & Down Lighting

If you have beautiful columns, highlight them with up lighting. In fact, experts say you may create a visually dramatic effect for any landscape or architectural elements if you simply light them from below. This technique is also commonly used to create attractive shadows on walls and called up lighting. Outdoor flood lights, spotlights and bollards are perfect for providing up lighting. Down lighting is also commonly used, and perfect to illuminate outdoor areas, such as decks, patios, facades and gazebos. When used in a garden, this type of light can create beautiful shadows similar to moon lighting. Downward flood lighting is a great way to illuminate larger spaces for a variety of outdoor activities.

Washing or Grazing Lighting

This type of lighting technique is used to diffuse light over vertical elements. It may also be used to highlight and enhance the texture of surfaces. Wall lights, floodlights and spotlights can be used to achieve grazing effects.

Path Lighting

Pathway Landscape Lighting adds style and safety to a home. When installing pathway lights, position the light fixtures very close to the edge of a walkway to prevent people from tripping. You may also opt to alternate light fixtures from one side to the other. However, if you use this technique you need to make sure the lights are spaced evenly so there are no overlapping bright areas and no dark areas in between.

Landscape Lighting from Capitol Lighting

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