Outdoor Pier Mounted Lamps

Outdoor Pier Lights are very functional, serving to light walkways, entrances, backyards, for welcoming your family and guests to your home. Hang them from a lightpost, or set upon a wall, pier or entranceway and mark your entrances with Outdoor Pier Lights, available from top name brands.

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Outdoor Pier Lights of All Styles

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Introduction to Outdoor Pier Lights

Outdoor Pier Lights by Capitol Lighting are very versatile types of fixtures that can be used in any part of the outdoor home or business for many different purposes. Outdoor pier lights can be hung from a lightpost, or can be set upon a stone or brick wall or piers or entranceway. They look especially beautiful and are very functional, as far as lighting walkways, entrances, backyards, and serving as pieces of aesthetic décor. These old-fashioned but very modern outdoor pier lights can make your home look like something out of an old movie or fairytale – both classic and stylish.

Different Types and Applications of Outdoor Pier Lights

Outdoor Pier Lights provide warm light that can make any home or business exterior pleasing and inviting. They will fit perfectly around any area, hung or placed around porches, patios or decks, and upon front entranceways. They are highly functional as well. Some outdoor pier lights have specific functions. Some are meant for purposes like shedding light on a darkened part of the front step area on the outside of a home, others are meant for lighting the driveways area, while others light a backyard, or even a beautiful bird bath or fountain area. Pier lights serve aesthetic purposes while also brightening up outdoor spaces.

Outdoor pier lights range from the low end of $100 upwards to $2500. Heights of this piece of equipment range from 0 to 12 up to 60 inches tall. Styles that are offered include modern contemporary, traditional, as well as the very popular craftsman-mission style, Asian, traditional and nautical themed. Finishes available include bronze, black, copper, whites, among others. And Colors offered are clear and crystal, as well as orange/ amber and ivory/eggshell. You should know your voltage type: whether line or low voltages. And bulb types offered include Energy Star LED, incandescent, halogen and fluorescent. Brands that are carried include Arroyo Craftsman, Meyda Lighting, Hanover Lantern, Fine Art Lamps, Hinkley Lighting, and Maxim Lighting, among others.

Design and Installation of Outdoor Pier Lights

This type of lighting is often installed in a location where standard lighting would be impractical, because you do see fixtures can be placed them anywhere because they typically have their own poles or posts to hold the lamps, with the wiring hidden underneath the ground to keep your yard neat. Outdoor pier lights can also be hung in a variety of places, as long as the electrical wiring source is available. If there is an option to purchase an outdoor pier light that is solar powered, wiring would not be a limiting factor.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Pier Lights

Some people take for granted the importance of outdoor lighting such as pier lights. Other than the aesthetic value that an outdoor post lamp and other types of outdoor lights provide, they also help improve safety as you avoid slips and falls near your home driveway and entrance and yard. And additionally, they also enhance security. Outdoor lights can act as deterrents for burglars, who have been known to be deterred by brightening lighting near a home.

Outdoor Pier Lights are a popular choice among many homeowners because of the many advantages to installing of outdoor lighting compared to having none on the premises. If you have decided to purchase outdoor wall lighting or an outdoor post lamp, you will find various outdoor lighting fixtures available from Capitol Lighting. Shop 1800lighting.com for all your outdoor lighting options, including outdoor wall lighting, outdoor post lamps, outdoor hanging lanterns, outdoor flush mounts, posts lamps, outdoor flood lights, landscape specialty lights, bollards, pond and fountain lights, as well as the mounting hardware and mount adapters.

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