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The bathroom, being a place where you freshen up, apply make-up, and pamper yourself should be comfortable and have enough light. You do not need many lighting fixtures in your bathroom. You only need just the right amount of light to create a warm and cozy environment in the room. In this case, a nice and stylish bath vanity lighting may be just what you need.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces make great vanity lighting. You can purchase them in pairs and place them on both sides of your mirrors or vanities. Wall sconces work well with vanities and mirrors because they do not cast shadows on the face, unlike recessed ceiling lighting or overhead lighting. You will fully appreciate the beauty of sconces when applying make-up or shaving your face in your bathroom.

Wall sconces are available in different design and finishes, from contemporary, Tiffany to rustic styles, to suit various bathroom styles.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights in general are great in bathrooms. They do not take up space and are useful for ambient lighting. However, placing them directly above the vanity area is not advisable. This is a common mistake people make when installing ceiling lights in bathrooms. You can use them in the shower area but not above mirrors or directly above vanities as they create shadows on your face. You want even lighting so you can see your face clearly. If you want the beauty of ceiling lights above your vanities, you will need to add lighting fixtures at the sides to eliminate shadows.

Other Features to Consider

Undercabinet lighting

Installing low-voltage lights in toe spaces beneath vanities will do great wonders in your bathroom. They do not consume much energy so you can leave them through the night and turn off other lights in the bathroom. This will make your middle-of-the-night trips to your bathroom safer and more convenient.


Consider installing dimmers for your bath vanity lights. You can adjust the brightness of your lights to your liking or use them to set the mood of your bathroom.

How to Choose the Best Vanity Lighting

Assess the size of the room before you decide which type of lighting fixture to choose for your bathroom vanity. The size will determine the amount of light it provides in the room. You want to provide adequate lighting in the bathroom but at the same time, you also want to avoid glare.

For the style, consider your bathroom décor and the overall shape and design of the room. In contemporary bathrooms, sconces with simplistic designs work best. Choose finishes that match your bathroom hardware.

Bathroom Vanity Lights at Capitol Lighting

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Light Layering in the Bathroom
Improper lighting in the bathroom can result in unsightly shadows. View our video and learn from interior designer, Kendra Cichanski, the finer points of light layering.

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