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Crystorama Lighting--Chandelier Lighting--Crystorama Lighting

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Capitol Lighting is proud to feature the Palla Collection by Crystorama Lighting Group. Designed by Dorian Webb, the chandeliers and other lighting fixtures in this collection were inspired by Ms. Webb's career as a jewelry designer. In these pieces by Crystorama Lighting, Dorian Webb uses color to achieve depth and movement. Palla, which is the Italian word for sphere, is one of Ms. Webb's debut collections with the Crystorama Lighting Group. In this collection, each chandelier lighting fixture conveys a timeless elegance that would enhance any home's lighting scheme, be it traditional, contemporary, or modern. The tone and mood of interior design can be effectively stated through the proper use of chandelier lighting products from Crystorama Lighting. With a chandelier from the Palla Collection, you could update a tired, dated lighting scheme or bring a bit of levity to a staid, formal décor. While the repetition of spherical chandeliers composed of smaller, overlapping spheres may suggest a sense of whimsy to some, others may find the pieces from the Palla Collection to be reminiscent of chandelier lighting fixtures from the seventies. While individual interpretations of the Palla Collection may vary, what is certain, however, is the skillful design and craftsmanship manifest in all Crystorama Lighting products. Update the chandelier lighting in your home with one of the beautiful, classically designed pieces by Crystorama Lighting Group.
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