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Geometrix by Schonbek - Capitol Lighting Lighten Up! Series

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One look at the bold shapes and brilliant colors of Geometrix and you will immediately realize why we had to dedicate an entire episode of Lighten Up to Schonbek's truly extraordinary vision. Geometrix delivers the extraordinary via beautiful simplicity. Da Vinci is a sparkling sphere of large and small Swarovski octagons crystals, available in both Strass and Spectra grades. The halogen lamp makes this pendant explode with pure light, splashing beautiful prismatic color throughout the setting. Shown here in one of its smaller variations, Da Vinci is available in sizes up to five feet in diameter. But big or small, Da Vinci makes a most spectacular statement. To truly behold the beauty of Geometrix one can't just look at one single pendant, one shape, or one color. In this multi-pendant configuration featuring cylinders, spirals, cubes and pyramids you become immediately aware of the endless possibilities. First glances at configuration such as this have caused many decorators to completely rethink their entire design scheme. Each color by Geometrix is the result of several colors of Strass crystal being interlaced to form truly unique pigments. Artists can swirl their paints all they like and their palettes won't ever compare to these gems by Geometrix. The visionary designers of the Geometrix Collection expanded upon the concept of basic shapes as lighting designs and began to imagine the more complex shapes we see in nature. With this in mind, Schonbek captured the form and power of the wave with the introduction of Refrax. As with many of Schonbek's recent contemporary introduction, the Refrax chandelier is completely encased in perfectly cut crystal octagons, from end to end and all across the bottom of the wave, evoking an image of an ocean of crystal.
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