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Holtkotter Lighting - Capitol Lighting Lighten Up! Series

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Today I'll introduce you to Holtkotter, which is located in central Germany, home of the Bauhaus school of architecture and design. And true to German engineering, Holtkotter has become famous for its ability to combine form and function in each of its lamps and fixtures. The most noticeable aspect of any Holtkotter lamp is the decidedly contemporary style featuring crisp lines, cool simple finishes and wide range of textured and marbleized glass options. When you touch a Holtkotter lamp it comes alive with true German ingenuity! Take for example this stem lamp, which is fully dimmable but Holtkotter did not want to interfere with its clean design by adding a clunky knob or obtrusive chord. The solution? The stem IS the dimmer. Likewise for this reading lamp, the location of the dimming knob at the midsection make it perfect for reading in your favorite chair. No longer do you need to concern yourself with burning your fingers with a dimming knob located near the head or straining your back to reach a foot dimmer on the floor. But the genius of Holtkotter isn't restricted to just table and floor lamps. Let's take a look at how form and function come together in a ceiling piece. A modern chandelier with an adjustable height is nothing new, but many of them are far from perfect. Often the craftsmanship is just not there andndash; you may adjust the height of your chandelier to find it's off balance later in the day andndash; or other times is just too much of a hassle in general, too many tangled chords to even bother. Not so and never so with this Holtkotter chandelier, which has been precisely engineered for an evenly balanced distribution of brass around the entire frame. And the mass of the center counterweight has been perfectly calibrated to allow for easy adjustment without worry that height of the fixture will drift on its own. This piece has been finished with in a hand brushed old bronze finish with sunset glass. They are available in two other finishes and eleven different glass options, making this Holtkotter chandelier easily adaptable to any contemporary setting. For a long time torch lamps were sensible lighting solution for apartments, offices and any space or room that did not allow for a ceiling lighting, but the problem with these lamps is that many of them relied heavily on overly bright, hot and especially, high energy halogen bulbs. Many of these torch lamps, including Holtkotter's original Light Cannon, topped out at a whopping 500 watts of power. Always ahead of the curve, Holtkotter reinvented Light Cannon to feature two 55 watt circline fluorescent lamps, using one fifth the energy of its predecessor and saving an estimated of $1700 over the life of the lamp. The result is a smart buy with the same power and full dimmability, all with fluorescent lamps and only from Holtkotter.andnbsp;
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