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5 Biggest Lighting Mistakes - Lighting Controls

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Another common mistake is leaving the old on/ off switch that they got when they bought the house instead of putting in a full range dimmer. Dimmers run from fifteen up to about fifty dollars, and have several advantages over the on/ off switch. A room like the dining room you're going to want nice and bright when people are coming in but then dim it down during the meal and even further for coffee and conversation after. A room like the kitchen that is used for homework at times but then other times in the evening you don’t want it full on bright you want it in a dimmer situation to make it more hospitable. Another important thing about dimmers is the energy and money saving features. If you lower the light level twenty percent on the dimmer you save twenty percent of the energy and you quadruple the lives of your bulbs. A twenty dollar dimmer pays for itself within the first year.
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