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LED Lighting Education

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LEDs are the new thing in lighting. So of course theres a little confusion as with any new thing in lighting. So we’re taking a look around some lighting showrroms here at the dallas market to see whats new here with LEDs and how it fits in to what we already understand about resedential lighting. Alot of LED products are being shown here and were finding out that they are fast becoming a very competetive way to do resedential lighting because of energy savings, we are also seeing that they are developing into products that mimic as well as enhance the kind of products we like to see in homes. The question is, how is this going to work, when people go into a store what will they try to buy. Right now we're still seeing these sorts of things, it looks like a standard screw in light bulb, its good for the interim, and it might fit in to some traditional lighting fixtures but in the future what we'll see is configurations of LEDs that are custom designed and built into the luminaire so we wont need this screw base anymore. The reason, LEDs last a long time, up to 50,000 hours, thats a long time, and so they dont need to be replaced. From a consumer point of view you dont have to get up on a ladder and keep these things in stock. These things that have been a nuisance in resedential lighting are going to dissapear. How fast is that going to happen? Well, right now you can go get some very good LED products and right behind me you will see some up on the ceiling and for decorative purposes, but more and more will appear as time goes on, not just in little products like this, but in track lights, downlights, portable lamps, LED will really be the way to do lighting, and it will in turn reduce the energy use of lighting, because LEDs are very efficient they will give two or three times more light per watt of input power, and thats going to show up on your electric bill which is already about twenty percent of the average homes electric bill is for lighting. LEDs are going to be more and more visible, so go into a lighting show room nearby and take a look, I bet you'll find a place to use LED lighting right now, and more and more in the future.
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